TRIPLE CELEBRATION: Couple dedicates triplets after 14 years of childless marriage

triplets dedication
triplets dedication

The dream of every couple is to have ba­bies, hopefully as soon as possible. How­ever for Ike Ugwoke, a lawyer, and his adorable wife, Isioma, the case was dif­ferent. When they got married in the year 2000, they never imagined that it would take them 14 years of agonizing expectation before they would cradle their own baby.

But then, infinite God had diferent plans for them and just when people had written the couple off, He manifested His awesome grace in spectacular way by giving the couple 1, 2, 3 kids at a go.

The triplets, a girl, Dazzle Chizaram Danielle Ike-Ugwoke and two boys, Newton Chinwoke Daniel Ike-Ugwoke, Newman Chinweike David Ike-Ugwoke were dedicated at Christian Pente­costal Mission, Ajao Estate, Lagos, on October 26, 2014, in a carnival like ceremony that was witnessed by friends and family of the couple . The mother of the triplets also celebrated her 40th birthday on the occasion.

Ike Ugwoke, narrated the journey he and his wife passed through to parenthood in a testimony with Daily Sun.

“We got married on March 11, 2000 in Christian Pentecostal Mission International Headquarters, Ajao Estate, Lagos, after waiting for about two years to obtain the consent of our parents for the union. Our wedding was quite glamorous to the glory of God and we were showered with a whole lot of gifts made up substantially of baby items . Part of our prayers and that of others during and after the wedding as well as our earnest expecta­tion was that after nine months from the date of the wedding, we would gather again to celebrate the blessing of the fruit of the womb in our family bu t that did not happen till 14 years after .

“During our years of travail, friends and rela­tives suggested many things and recommended many doctors that we should visit. We were very careful on which doctor we should see as the advice and recommendations from people were coming virtually on daily basis and from different people. Some even suggested that we visit church­es that claim to specialise in ofering prayers that guaranteed pregnancy while others suggested visit to white garment churches and even native doctors . The most annoying aspect of it is that whoever you refused his or her suggestion picked quarrel with you, especially close relations. Most of them saw us as unserious minded people, who were no t making reasonable efforts to overcome the chal­lenge of childlessness, facing us then. Some others suggested that we should adopt a child and that the presence of such a child would reduce tension in our home and that when that happened, we would begin to have our own children.

“Having refused most of these suggestions, hos­tility from relatives and even our parents became so intense we resolved not to be travelling to ou r home towns frequently to avoid coming close to them. We also tried to dodge having any form of discussion with our parents in Lagos just to avoid their usual question 'what are you people doing about this problem of childlessness?' But that did not help our situation in any way, as our parents and other relatives decided to come to our house to find out what we were actually doing to resolve the problem. In one of such visits by one of ou r parents, he insisted that we should join their church (a popular Pentecostal church) and that as soon as we did that, we would receive children.W e tried to let him realise that the blessing of the fruit of th e womb and any other blessing came from God and not from jumping from one church to another and that there is God where we are worshipping .

“Such mockery continued from relatives and friends without abating. Some told us that having been in a particular church for so many years and nothing was happening there, it had become necessary to try somewhere else. One called us one day and asked, 'are you people still in tha t church?' And we replied him that for sure we were still there. We were so much traumatised by ways people inflicted pains on us in pretence that they were trying to help us overcome our challenges . The only time my wife was a bit relieved of ten­sion was when she got to the Children' sDepart­ment in the church where she was posted to work as one of the leaders few years ago. She cares fo r the children as her own and they are very fond o f her.

“While we continued to pray to God, we were also making reasonable efforts by seeing some of the medical doctors that we were refereed to . In 2008, a doctor was recommended to us in one of the states in the East. In course of his medica l investigation and treatment, he told us that my wife's womb could not accommodate more than one child at a time, as it was retrospective in shape . After several visits and treatment, we still did no t achieve pregnancy.

“Few years after, a family friend recommended that we should travel to America, as they have bet­ter medical facilities. She had done that and given birth to twins. We then called a relation of ours, who lives in America to assist us with the neces­sary documents that would assist us in securing visa but he refused to allow us to come to his hous e because we did not follow his aunt to her church . We eventually travelled to another country where we were also investigated medically and given some medications but still there was no result .

“Sometime in August 2012, my wife noticed she was pregnant but within two months, she los t it. By early 2013, we were tired of all efforts we were making and we contemplated surrogacy. While we were trying to save the money to go fo r surrogacy, one of our parents died. Our attention was diverted to completion of the family house and burial. After the burial in July 2013, we discussed about the surrogacy again but my wife said we should we should wait more on the Lord some more, as she received revelation that He would answer us. We both agreed to wait on Him further .We continued to see our doctor though, praying that He would grant us our heart desires.

“By middle of November 2013, my wife began to feel very uncomfortable and on 25th of the same month, she decided to do a strip test (pregnancy test) very early in the morning. The result was positive but we decided to keep it to ourselves . Few weeks after, my wife told me that she saw in a dream where God put four eggs in her hands bu t that one of them appeared broken. Few days after ,we went to see our doctor, who then recommended a scan. It was done and to our greatest surprise, the result of the scan showed four pregnancy sacks . While three appeared quite viable, the fourth one was not clear. The doctor then told us that the pregnancy was that of a quadruplets. We received the news with mixed feelings.

“We were so happy that God had remembered us but at the same time, we were scared, consider ­ing the risks associated with multiple pregnancies. But in all, we continued to pray and asked God to take absolute control. By the 13th week of the pregnancy, my wife's legs were swollen and that necessitated our going for another scan in another hospital. This time around, the result showed triplets and an ovarian cyst. The gynaecologist in the hospital advised that based on the latest scan result, the pregnancy was a high risk one, as the cyst could cause more problems to it at any time . At this point, we were more terrified and after due consultation with friends and neighbours, we resolved to seek medical treatment abroad. Several countries were suggested but most people favoured our travelling to America.

“Few days after, we were able to establish a link with a hospital in Texas, USA, and then we applied for a medical visa in their Embassy in Nigeria and to God be the glory, we were granted two years visa each. Without wasting time, we travelled to America and on arrival on the 19th week of the pregnancy, we went to the hospital.A nother scan was carried out and it showed triplets and no cyst . When we had a discussion with the doctors, we found out that it was the fourth pregnancy sack tha t was going out that was labelled a cyst in the scan done back home in Nigeria. The doctors in USA continued to monitor the pregnancy until it was considered due in line with the period associated with multiple births.

On June 25, 2014, my wife was delivered of two boys and a girl. It was like a dream to us, as w e never prayed for triplets but when we remembered that our God promised that He would do exceed­ingly and abundantly more than we can ever ask o r think, we had no choice but to continue to glorify the name of the Lord. It was then it dawned on u s that God had turned again the captivity of Zion . Everyone, including our enemies that heard what the Lord had done in our life trembled and glori ­fied the Lord. To God be the glory for great things He hath done.”

Mrs. Isioma Ugwoke added that women in childless situations should build their hope in God , otherwise they would fall into temptation that would rob them of their faith.

The General Overseer of CPM, Rev. Dr. O. Ezekiel, while delivering a message, entitled: Great Privilege, on the occasion, said though children were good blessings, marriages are still complete without them. So, he admonished couples chal­lenged by delayed child bearing to leave it in th e hands of God, who, in due time, would surely fulfill His promises.

Thereafter, he called the Ugwokes and another couple that dedicated their first child after 10 years of marriage to pray for childless couples.