Recently, Goodluck Jonathan's government announced that it has arranged a ceasefire with the islamists of bokoharam. This, to some quarters, appears palatable and a great relief to the mesmearizations of the terrorist group. Recall that muslims initially object to the branding of bokoharam terrorist. They protected the group to power incubation to become the global murderous challenge it is today.

After that, the same muslims started calling for negotiation with government, quoting the case of Niger Delta militants as example. They forgot that the modus operandi even modus Vivendi of both are not and can never be the same. Whereas the militants agreed to come out of their cocoons and embrace negotiation, bokoharam stuck to their guns, firing in all cylinders, in no direction, killing and maiming ad infinitum.

That is how the cookie crumbles in bokoharam lexicon. Today, the muslims mischief makers having been grossly disappointedly by the boomerang killing spree of the terrorists purportedly affecting them, though in an infinitesimal proportion in comparison with Christians, have circumvented sanctity and preached acceptability of bokoharam from the exalted plane of a ceasefire.

First of all, ceasefire is arranged between two warring and equally combatant sides seeking for a dialogue in the interim of ceasefire. No victor, no vanquished is the game and dialogue is the means and both sides are equally culpable and concurrently victorious. Then the pyrrhic question: is bokoharam a rebel group or dissident group to be accorded ceasefire? Ceasefire is a concomitant recognition of the fire power of both as invincible. Has Federal Government of Nigeria agreed that hokoharam is invincible?

Question number two: Ceasefire connotes dialogue, has bokoharam agreed for a dialogue? If they have agreed, what concession will Federal Government be making to appease bokoharam? What is bokoharam looking for in the first place? Are these Chibok girls there with them?

The third question: the negotiators, who are they? Is it United Nations or OAU or African Union? Who are they? The sensitive issue is that lexicology of islamism forbids negotiation with an infIdel, the very bulwark of islamism itself. So, the negotiator reads consensus without the other party present and turns round to communicate whatever terms and the part he agreed with the terrorists because they can never leave facelessness which makes them terrorists or islamists. So, the negotiator is giving because he has it and so, he is a terrorist himself. Otherwise he cannot negotiate with a terrorist.

Every muslim believes in islamic terrorism which is the real definition of jihad. How can a believer in a course negotiate against that course? The immediate next question is: why must the negotiation take place in Saudi Arabia regarded as the headquarter of muslims? Why not in Ghana or USA or Britain or South Africa or any other neutral ground? Why must the insurgents dictate a place they must meet for negotiation without which they cannot negotiate? What is behind Saudi Arabia in islamic world?

Now let is hear the true unbiased exposition:
1. Every muslim believes in the cause and course of bokoharam which is jihad, otherwise he(she) has no business being a muslim.

2. Jihad is mandatory for all muslims
3. muslims who do not obey jihad are commanded by “prophet” Mohamed in Koran to be killed in the same way as unbelievers are killed. That is why bokoharam kill fellow muslims. Many people who do not know this agree to the satanic deceit that bokoharam is not islamic: bokoharam is, contrariwise, 100% islamic; 100% Mohamedanic, 100%, Koranic and 100 culturally Arabic.

4. In the lexicon of islam, negotiation is submission, because, it is written in Koran that jihadists can go for negotiation with more powerful opponents to preserve islamic culture. It is boldly written in Koran. Koran also forbids negotiation where jihadists have upper hand: they are told to go for massive killing first of all, before forcing them to convert to islam.

5. I talk from my vast knowledge of islamic theology that in the so called negotiation with bokoharam, Federal Government of Nigeria may have goofed without knowing because islam is lawlessness, and only responds to a superior force.

6. islam is lawlessness, let everybody hear it from me as a highly learned person in islamic theology. Hear me, I am very highly and vastly learned in islamic theology. Hear me now: islam is an Arabic word meaning “surrender”. islam does not, never and cannot mean peace. islam means surrender in Arabic language.

So, what everything muslim does is guided by submission to the will of allah as given by the injunctions of “prophet” Mohamed. He is expected to carry out without any modicum of questioning, any injunction given by the sheik or imam as interpreted in the mosque, whether it involves death or not.

7. Islam is not, and never, and can never be democratic. Otherwise, it loses its taste of vibrancy in bloodletting. islam exists for bloodletting which is 100% against the ethics of democracy. That is they have their own Cairo Convention parallel to Geneva Convention on Human Rights,

8. islam does not believe in Freedom of Conscience which is the pivot upon which democracy revolves. islam cages the conscience of followers so that they cannot ask question against any injunction given to be carried out.

9. Everything in islam means force. emir is an Arabic word meaning Field Commander just as you have it in the military. Sultan is an Arabic word meaning General Officer Commanding (GOC) just as you have it in the military. That is why emirs are under the sultan, just as you have it in the military where, brigade commanders are under the GOC. I am extremely vast in islamic theology, you reading me now, please note. I am revealing to your inquisitive ears, what islam is all about. islam is lawlessness and does not respond, and is forbidden by Mohamed in Koran to respond to the ethos of democracy foundered on Freedom of Conscience.

10. Use Koran only as toilet roll. Look, let me tell you something. Mohamed was inspired by demons of darkness in his retreats inside caves in Saudi Arabia. Everything you see in Koran is a corruption of the Bible. That is why he called Christians and the Jews “the people of the book”. Koran is a mumble jumble of idiotic contortions good only as toilet roll. Even toilet roll is much more better in value than Koran, so, I advise that people should not touch toilet roll until all the pages of Koran are torn and used to clean the anus of after shitting (toileting) and packing faeces and animal vomits, and only and only in the absence of Koran could toilet roll be used.

11. bokoharam leant kidnap and rape and sex slavery from Mohammed their prophet. Mohamed raped a 6-year old girl called Aisha in 609 AD, took her away and after 3years in 612 AD claimed to have married her at 9 years. Mohamed raped and converted to sex slave, a 17-year old Jewish girl called Saffiyya after he had killed her husband, parents and relatives in his uncountable sex slaves and claimed to have married only 13 wives, giving it as injunction that allah permitted only him (Mohammed) to many more than 4 wives at a time .

12. Woman has no place in islam. The worst inhumanity against womanhood is in islam. Divorce is easiest in islam without prior information.

13. So, the President of Nigeria should be expressly told to stop squaring the circle in his thinking to making muslims accept him. They can never accept him where Buhari, Atiku and other muslim leaders are contesting. You cannot please mislims as a Christian except you convert to islam.

Do what is democratic, and do not care a hoot, the reactions of muslims. Silence bokoharam by outright wipeout, do not dialogue, do not ceasefire, continuously fire and wipe them out. Immediately you do this, every other muslim will fear and believe in you and democracy. It is only and only then that you can change Nigeria as the President of Nigeria. islam responds to force, only and only to shear force, and nothing more.

Comrade Kindness Innocent Jonah
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