Nigerians Are Afraid To Die—Bishop Umunna


The Presiding Bishop and General Overseer of Bible Life Church Cathedral (BLCC) International Bishop (Prof.) Leonard Nwaoma Umunna recently called on Nigerians to maintain simple hygiene against the dreaded Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in Nigeria. Ebola virus came into Africa in 1976.

Our government here does not prepare for future health challenges that is why any negative information can easily succeed in Nigeria. The Africa-American Virus carrier, Late Patrick Sawyer that brought the virus to Nigeria would have been prevented if only our government was sensitive on health issue. Ebola virus comes with different symptoms in one's life, so everybody must be conscious of the virus.

I have instructed all my pastors not to lay hands on any member not because we are afraid of Ebola but must be preventive in all ramifications. In foreign countries, their citizens are health conscious but in Nigeria here, government does not care about the citizens' health than to embrace corruption. Death is inevitable in man's life but we must prevent the untimely stranger in our lives. Even though the Minister of Health has told us that Nigeria is free from Ebola, we must keep our environment clean.

He also added that the just concluded national conference was a good one but all the deliberations only ended at the Federal Executive Council (FEC).The problem of Nigeria is Nigerians. The conference initially addressed salient problems facing the country and provided already made solutions to it. Most highly placed Nigerians are afraid to speak out their minds to the government. President Goodluck Jonathan should know that his leadership comes from God not man. Every issue discussed at the national conference should be addressed accordingly in the Federal Executive Council. Several billions of naira were spent on the national conference for over three months and should not end like that. God is faithful to Nigerian leaders at all climes.

He further said, Boko Haram is not the problem of Nigeria in the North but wrong leadership in the country.Boko Haram is the product of retaliation from bad leadership in the North. Our security belongs to God not man. If late President Musa Yar'Adua could send the then Vice-President Goodluck Jonathan to negotiate with the Niger-Delta militants to cease fire ,then President Goodluck Jonathan should send his Vice-President, Sambo to negotiate with Boko Haram members.Boko Haram members are not faceless group but human beings like ours.Boko Haram is a product of bad leadership not from President Goodluck Jonathan which insurgents see it a pay back sin. The Biafra war was a similar experience to Boko Haram insurgent. Even the killing of Boko Haram leader, Shekau Abubakar by Nigerian soldiers would not prevent further Boko Haram attacks on innocent Nigerians but Northern leadership needed intellectual transformation.2015 is not far but Nigerians should

vote for people with track records. Most of our leaders in power have abysmally failed us time without number. It is good for Christians to join politics and participate fully in the next elections. The issue of Muslim/ Muslim or Christian/Christian ticket is not the best for Nigeria. Presidential ticket should not generate any further political crisis than to make peace in Nigeria .Politics is not all about stomach infrastructure but the people represented. A called pastor is greater than a President of a country. We clergy men stand as fathers to leaders. We only advise our members to vote for rightful leaders come 2015.Media houses should report Nigerians objectively than promoting destructive criticisms in Nigeria. We must see politics as a game of number not enemy.

Bishop Umunna also warned against Christians divorcing their wives.Compatability is not marriage but adaptability sustains it. We must guide our public utterances not to put the country into political quagmire. Church General Overseers should preach the right messages to members. In Bible Life Church, we speak the truth than covering it.Someday; everybody will surely give account of himself or herself. Churches should not be turned to campaign grounds but to preach the gospel to sinners. Bishop Umunna also said the recent cenitarian and national awards were not given on hardwork but on political basis. Some have extremely done well for Nigeria but the award should go to those achievers at the grassroots. God has enriched me that I have received over 50 awards including British and Ghana awards. Awards should be given to leaders that are responsible and accountable to the people not witch-hunters in power, he said.