If Police Kills Innocent Nigerian – Risk Jungle Justice

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Farouk Martins Aresa
Nigerian police were so lawless, they would kill for twenty naira. Words like anger do spread. Situation has changed and spread from big cities. People just get fed up of being abused for no reason. Any police that kills an innocent civilian in broad day light faces the risk of being lynched on the spot by the mob these days. Call it decency fatigue. However, courageous market women have turned against those throwing tires on hungry people stealing food and petty cash.

We have heard a great deal about America since the time of Azikiwe as God's own country. But after the death of President Kennedy and Martin Luther King, some begin to wonder. Indeed, some of our parents decided to send their children to Canada instead of United States because of the riots in the sixties. In these days of instant television and CNN International, we have seen the best and sometimes the worst of America; from the most admirable to the sickening.

The killing of African Americans by their own blacks is appalling enough. Chicago seems to be a war zone, in a weekend about thirty young black men lost their lives to gang activities. We do have our own militia in Nigeria kidnapping children, old people, political parents and most of them innocent, for ransom. A few actually make so much money, they start kidnapping their own families while others kidnap themselves by special arrangements.

America is a great and unique country, but they are not influenced by what foreigners think or say about these killings. We have recently seen a black man choked to death crying he couldn't breathe. Another man shot to death while police claimed he thought it was a taser gun. What Americans know is more foreigners are dying to get into their country by any means than are Americans trying to get out. So if you do not like what is going on in USA, eh, love it or leave it!

Yet, we seldom see the display of war full gear by policemen as we saw in Fergusson, Missouri. If African countries have such ammunitions on display, it may have discouraged Boko Haram from challenging our Military in Borno State in Nigeria. Protesters are not criminals or terrorists, they are folks angered by the shooting down of another young man again. It happens so often and at some point, people just get sick and tired of it like Nigeria and counter with jungle justice.

Well, they claim this young man was not that innocent. He had stolen cigarettes some minutes before he was gunned down. The crime was exaggerated from shop lifting to robbery and then armed robbery. Those that want this as an excuse to gun down a young man should come out and tell us if their own children have never shop lifted. If every young man that is shop lifting in America is gunned down, there will be blood flowing in every neighborhood in America.

Nobody condones or even wants to excuse any type of crime but to justify petty crime, stealing in our markets in Nigeria or shoplifting in stores in America by killing is barbaric. In the same America, we have watched underage white kids challenged store owners to call the police. At the same time we have heard and read reports of dishing out more punishments to minority kids in grade schools – criminalization of our youths. The schools rich Nigerians send their kids.

What is even more amazing to some of us is how a crazy man was gunned down in St. Louis near Fergusson. It is not clear if people accepted it because he was crazy or because he dared the police to shoot him in any civilized society, if they can. Whatever, he shoplifted was in full display where he placed them untouched. He clearly displayed erratic behavior as the police came out of their car and they claimed he had something in his hand – we hear that all the time.

Where are the advocates for the mentally disable? This killing was even more pathetic than the one in Fergusson. Every society, even the so called primitive and uncivilized ones do recognize crazy people in their community as we see civilized and advanced country slaughter one in the broad day light. Since the seventies these civilized communities decided that mentally disable patients should live as outpatients. They must be responsibility for their healthcare, not killing.

When people are so polarized along racial lines, it gives some people the audacity and comfort to come out and write, as police. Lecturing and writing in main newspapers that anyone would be killed, if they cross them since they are willing to kill more. They know very well who they were talking to and would not dare touch one of their own without consequences they deserve. This type of killings encourage impunity from people no decent folk would condone the attitude.

Do not cloud issues. Deal with the reason police are quick to shoot and kill people of color but take all necessary precautions to keep mass killers alive. It makes one wonder if some of these police give a bad name to majority of them that are law abiding. You wonder if some shoot for ritual in their secret societies for stripes or shoot to prevent their victims from testifying against them. It is their words against that of the victims that would not be able to defend himself.

The killers are not without their supporters, even amongst the people of color in United States that have conflated the issues of unjustified and unprovoked killings with after the fact excuses, of irrational looting. The bottom line as General Powell advised is: if you are approached by the police, you cannot defend your rights on the spot. You need neutral place and courts to do that.

But then, you can still get killed. So what do African Americans tell their children OR what shall we children do?

What happens to the city ordinance that you have to live in the city to get city jobs? If you do not like the people, do not work in their cities. Young people must not only match for justice, they must match to the polling station and register to vote in spite of all obstacles put in their way to dilute their voting power. Some people elected the mayor that said there is no racial divide in Fergusson.

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