Three critical truths about seed sowing

sowing seed
sowing seed

Pastor O. Areogun
Genesis 8:22; Luke 6:38
Seed sowing is supposed to be the lifestyle of a believer. God does not intend that you sow seeds occasionally. You will either be a beggar, digger or a sower in life; once you are not ashamed to beg, you will also steal if you have the opportunity. A digger is one who is on the toiling side of life; God never intended that you live out of toilsome labour but out of the harvest of your seed sown. Let us look at three critical truths about seed sowing;

I need my harvest more than God needs the seed: God is the owner of the cattle upon a thousand hills and if He was hungry, He wouldn't have told you. Anytime you are asked to sow a seed into the life of your man of God, or into the house of God, or the work of God let it always ring in your heart and in your mind that I need my harvest more than God needs the seed. Don't lose any opportunity to sow seeds. Seeds of prayer, seeds of the right words, seeds of time and seeds of money because there is a harvest that is already awaiting the seed you are asked to sow. If you sow with a cup, God will give you a cupful of harvest BUT God's cup is always bigger than your cup.

The harvest was in existence before the seed was demanded: God is not unjust as to forget your labour of love and He will not ask you for seed without the intention of giving you a bountiful harvest. God is looking for a legitimate way to bless you and you need a seed to activate that harvest. It is divine wisdom for you to sow a seed of your last meal to a prophet and live a life of abundance afterwards. Most Christians have lost great harvests simply because they never knew that their harvest came ahead of the seed.

You don't have because you don't give it is not that you don't give because you don't have: Many people rationalize that what they have is hardly enough for themselves so how can they be expected to sow seeds. Let me remind you that if what you have is not enough for what you wand then turn it into a seed. A Christian who says he is finding it hard to make ends meet even with 100 percent of his salary therefore he cannot afford to pay his tithe has only started on a reducing journey. Your tithe does not belong to you, it is hallowed unto the Lord and if you eat it, the Lord says you are cursed. You should open an account of giving and receiving (Philip. 4:17) in the kingdom so that your harvest can be in the order of God.

Prayer: Lord, I thank you for these truths about sowing and reaping and I receive grace to be faithful. Father, bring back every opportunity for seed sowing that I've lost in the past in Jesus' name.