The 20 point allegations against Nyako


1. Fraudulent diversion of N2.3 Billion Adamawa state worker's salaries

for September and October 2011.
2. Illegal deductions and diversion of the sum of N142 million employment

of Adamawa state workers in May 2014.
3. Diversion of N120 million public funds to sponsor fictitious visits of

General Muhammadu Buhari to Adamawa sate to commiserate with flood victims

of insurgents attacks in Madagali and Michika local government areas.

4. Extra-budgetary expenditure of N1, 740, 785 on fictitious special

assistants and another N166, 230, 536.88 on personal assistants in 2013.

5. Fraudulent award of contract of over N8 Billion through SNECOU Group

of Companies Ltd allegedly to siphon public funds without delivering any

service to the people of Adamawa state.
6. Corrupt siphoning of the sum of N300 million public funds through a

company, Hydrosources Resources Ltd in the name of Mubi By-pass without

mobilising to site or any construction carried out long after collecting

the N300 million from Adamawa state funds.
7. Gross violation of the oath of office by outrageous patronage and

dominance of family and friends in the discharge of government such as

MGDs office, the SPPU and ministry of Health.
8. Gross violation of section 120 of the constitution of the Federal

Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended and gross misappropriation and

diversion of internally Generated Revenue for personal use to the

detriment of the people.
9. Squandering the sum of N4, 805, 216, 538 and N7, 114, 590.85 in

2012 and 2013 respectively through the office of the SSG against budgetary

10. Expenditures of exorbitant sum of N2.5 billion as other

miscellaneous expenses through the internal affairs and special services

11. Extra budgetary procurement of fertiliser and diversion of proceeds

from the sales of same from 2007 to date.
12. The MDGs office is managed by the governor's close relations and has

squandered N220 million and N786, 644.94 unbudgeted funds in 2013 for the

implementation of MDGs programme.
13. Diversion of over N400 million out of the N500 million federal

government intervention funds for flood victims in 2011.

14. Diversion of government funds through illegal importation of

hospital equipment to the tune of N156 million while the state still owes

the contractor and illegal acquisition of containerized mobile workshop

for vocational training centers.
15. Corruption and extra budgetary award of contracts for the

construction of Army Barracks road, Mayo Belwa Road; Pella to Maiha Road;

Gombi to Ga'anda to Fotta Road; Rumde to Yolde Pate Road; construction of

mubi bypass, contrary to section 120 (2), (3) and (4) of the construction

of the Federal Republic of Nigerian 1999.
16. Squandering of N1 billion Adamawa German Hospital, managed by close a

relation to the Governor.
17. Shoddy conception and operation of Adamawa German Hospital, managed by

close relation to the Governor.
18. Abuse of office and violation of Adamawa state law by the appointment

of his wife, Dr. Halima Nyako as chairman, Adamawa state action committee

on Aids, (SACA) contrary to SACA law.
19. Over bearing strangulation of the local government areas and extortion

of local government funds in the name of joint account projects and

security challenges in mubi and other parts of the state.

20. Alleged of corrupt practices.
Seven steps to the removal of a governor:
Date done
1- An allegation signed by at least one-third of the members of the House

of Assembly
June 18, 2014
2. Speaker serves notice on governor and members of House of Assembly

within seven days of receiving notice
June 28, 2014
3 – House resolves by motion whether or not to investigate the allegations

June 26, 2014
4 – Speaker directs Chief Judge to appoint a seven man panel to

the allegations within seven days of
adoption of motion to investigate governor.
July 4, 2014
5- Panel submits its report within three months to House of Assembly.

6- House of Assembly votes on panel report within 14 days of submission of

The governor stands removed if two-thirds of the House votes that the

against the governor have been proved.
7. The governor loses his position is turned to an ordinary citizen.

Constitutional provisions on the removal of a governor

188. (1) The Governor or Deputy Governor of a state may Removal of

Governor be removed from office in accordance with the provisions or

Deputy Governor of this section. from office.
(2) Whenever a notice of any allegation in writing signed by not less than

one-third of the members of the House of Assembly.
(b) stating that the holder of such office is guilty of gross misconduct

in the performance of the functions of his office, detailed particulars of

which shall be specified.
the speaker of the House of Assembly shall, within seven days of the

receipt of the notice, cause a copy of the notice to be served on the

holder of the office and on each member of the House of Assembly, and

shall also cause any statement made in reply to the allegation by the

holder of the office, to be served on each member of the House of

(3) Within fourteen days of the presentation of the notice to the speaker

of the House of Assembly (whether or not any statement was made by the

holder of the office in reply to the allegation contained in the notice-,

the House of Assembly shall resolve by motion, without any debate whether

or not the allegation shall be investigated.
(4) A motion of the House of Assembly that the allegation be investigated

shall not be declared as having been passed unless it is supported by the

votes of not less than two-thirds majority of all the members of the House

of Assembly.
(5) Within seven days of the passing of a motion under the foregoing

provisions of this section, the Chief judge of the State shall at the

request of the speaker of the House of Assembly, appoint a Panel of seven

persons who in his opinion are of unquestionable integrity, not being

members of any public service, legislative house or political party, to

investigate the allegation as provided in this section.

(6) The holder of an office whose conduct is being investigated under this

section shall have the right to defend himself in person or be represented

before the panel by a legal practitioner of his own choice.

(7) A Panel appointed under this section shall -
(a) have such powers and exercise its functions in accordance with such

procedure as may be prescribed by the House of Assembly; and

(b) within three months of its appointment, report its findings to the

House of Assembly.
(8) Where the Panel reports to the House of Assembly that the allegation

has not been proved, no further proceedings shall be taken in respect of

the matter.
(9) Where the report of the Panel is that the allegation against the

holder of the office has been proved, then within fourteen days of the

receipt of the report, the house of Assembly shall consider the report,

and if by a resolution of the House of Assembly supported by not less than

two-thirds majority of all its members, the report of the Panel is

adopted, then the holder of the office shall stand removed form office as

from the date of the adoption of the report.
(10) No proceedings or determination of the Panel or of the House of

Assembly or any matter relating to such proceedings or determination shall

be entertained or questioned in any court.
(11) In this section -
“gross misconduct” means a grave violation or breach of the provisions of

this Constitution or a misconduct of such nature as amounts in the opinion

in the House of Assembly to gross misconduct.