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Metamorphosis of a 'Born Again' Governor


By Rahman Alli
It is pathetic and most unfortunate that the State government led by

Senator Ibikunle Amosun is just awaking to the reality that the people are

the centre of governance and that their collective will cannot be taken

for granted. Suffice it to say that the latest development in Ekiti polity

dawned on the government in Ogun State that construction of roads that

lead nowhere, unnecessary flyovers and totally irrelevant pedestrian

bridge that has been out rightly rejected by pedestrians themselves

because it is meaningless do not translate to electoral victory. Perhaps,

Mr. Governor has just realised that ameliorating the living conditions of

the masses is central and key in a democracy.
The hurriedly convened meeting with civil servants in the State is nothing

but revelation of a jittery and confused government which has suddenly

awoken to reality after the shock treatment in Ekiti State. As a starter,

a shocker and in a show of uncanny magnanimity, the salaries of the

workers for the month of June was paid on the 24th!

Fall out from Amosun's meeting had it that the embattled Senator has

promised to pay the belated 2013 Christmas bonus to workers six months

after! Not done yet, the Governor, at the meeting promised to grant

workers car and housing loans. Realising that the housing scheme he put in

place was beyond the reach of the workers, he succumbed to a 20% cut.

But the wise among the workforce are saying it loud that it is one gesture

too late. To the discerning among them, it is blind desperation at its

peak. Now that the APC has been rejected in Ekiti for its anti-people

policies, Gov. Amosun is desperately trying to deceive people into

believing that he loves the masses.
At the meeting, Gov. Amosun nearly went on all fours asking the state

civil servants what they want him to do because he is now “ready to listen

to them”. Imagine a government that did not bother about the welfare of

the workers now suddenly changing gear after the Ekiti 'show' by doing

what he never did in his 37 months in power. Restless and confused, Gov.

Amosun is calling on the students by wooing them to “come and let's

talk?”. Latest information from the Oke Mosan seat of Ogun government is

that workers vindictively sacked should report for immediate

Gov. Amosun must have equally forgotten that he has trampled on the rights

of Ogun citizenry and reduced their living conditions to an abysymal low.

A case in hand is that of those whose houses were demolished in the wake

of 'Ogun Standard' era who were yet to be adequately compensated. When

confronted with the question of when he will pay for the human, capital

and psychological damages caused those affected, for the first time in the

history of the State government, Gov. Amosun confessed that there was no

money to compensate them.
It will be recalled that Senator Ibikunle Amosun paid severance package of

only 50 out of about 400 aides who served the State meritoriously from

2007 to 2011. Among the few he paid selectively were those who had

defected to or on their way to joining the ruliing APC and the staunch

Obasanjo cronies in the PDP. Several others who he perceived as die-hard

ex-governor Daniel's men who served the State meritoriously were left out

in the cold and may never be paid.
The bottomline of the whole scenario unfolding in Ogun State is that of a

lying government which cannot be taken for its words. In the word of

elders, promises made in turbulent periods are often forgotten in the

period of calm. The act of lying as perfected by the ruling government in

Ogun State is a point to ponder on by the electorate to be careful in the

choice of ther representatives in the future elections.

Rahman Alli a Secondary School Teacher resides in Sabo, Abeokuta North

LGA., Ogun. State and wrote via [email protected]