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As Opposition Party Vows To Adopt Her

The governorship ambition of the only female Governorship aspirant in Delta State and the expected first female Governor in the 2015 general election Dr. Ngozi Olejeme received a boost over the weekend when members of the Etsako communities in Delta State assure her of their support in the forth coming governorship election in Delta State. The group known as Weppa Wanno Union Sapele branch boosted that all the delegate under their influence will be donated to the most courageous female aspirant who there describe as the defender of democracy and the Goodluck Jonathan administration saying that Dr Olejeme is the most influential political tools that Delta state has produced in the National Stage therefore male contender should play low on their selfish ambition and let Uduaghan make the history as the first Governor in Nigeria to handover his state to a female.

Speaking unbehalf of the group in the U and I development foundation office in sapele during a visit the President general of the Etsako citizen Weppa Union comrade Godwin Obiko commended the Dr Olejeme for her humanitarian work which cut across ethnic, religious and political boundaries. Comrade Obiko describe Dr Olejeme as the most committed and dedicated aspirant in Delta with an endless influence, who fight for the betterment of the larger society. Olejeme is an asset to Nigeria so she cannot be otherwise in Delta as the first female Governor in 2015. We the Afemai citizen who are also members of the major opposition party are going to endorse Dr Olejeme as our sole candidate in Delta State if she is given the PDP ticket. Our power is in our conviction. We are convince that Nigeria is ripe enough to have a female governor and looking at the antecedent of Dr Olejeme as the Chairman of the Nigeria social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) Chairman Trust Fund Pension PLC and member of the Subsidy Reinvestment Programme SURE-P as well as her hard work in the public works department of FERMA you will agree with me that Dr Olejeme is the most experience and qualified person to tahe over the state in 2015.

On his part the immediate past president of the group General Tony Agbeji advise president jonathan to learn from the ongoing conflict in the nation which arise from conspiracy among disloyal governors. He therefore appeal to the president to use his good office to ensure that more women became governors in 2015 in order to checkmate to the level of rebellious attitude which is not found among women who are home builder saying that it require more experience to train up a child than to rule a state he therefore childed those who are saying that Delta state is to complex for a woman to rule. Women are goal getters and passionate. We will experience lesser crime and bring order to the society when we make them to rule us. When Central Africa was boiling recently it was a woman that could come out and quench the fire that men fled away from. We are not better as men than women. The weakness of men will be expose when we give women a chance that is why we men are claiming to be the head. Now what we need is growth and transformation in this country we should just let God to take the lid but we will work hard to have a woman Governor as a people and the gospel will be spread to our brothers and sisters in other state Agbeji said.

The youth leader of the group and APC chieftain Mr paul Ojojo vow to commit his time and resource in the support of Dr Olejeme if her party (PDP) give her the ticket. There are candidate that are too large to limit to a party. To us in Delta Dr Olejeme has tourch our lives irrespective of party through her U and I foundation. She has given our Sons and Daughters employment without any connection and without knowing her. She empower people know matter your tribe, age, sex, or political interest so it is pay back time we will collapse any structure to favor her interest. What we seek is development nothing else. If we can get it from her what else are we looking for? We will mobiliser our youth ,men and women when the time comes to speak in one voice. We are here in her office to let her know that we may not be following her about but we have benefited from her helpline package. Delta is now our Edo state we will all cast our vote here for her. We want to be a partaker of the history that will soon break forth that is why we came to register our presence with the believe that Ngozi Olejeme will be the first female Governor in Nigeria.

While thanking members of the Edo resident in Delta for supporting Dr Olejeme the Director general of the campaign organization Mr Emma Oritsejolomi Uduaghan said the era of seeing women as the weaker vessel is over. Women are the major vessel on board across the globe today. We have lesser crisis in Nations manage by a woman than their male counterpart. He debunk the rumor that Dr Olejeme is seeking for appointment. He caution politicians and party supporters against unguarded utterances so as not to heat the polity. Some unguarded statement by some that Dr Olejeme is not in the race is capable of inciting people, he should be stop. We should be careful as major actors in the polity. As public office holder politicians must be careful. Those who are opposition to a female governor should go and improve on their political marketing strategy. It is too late. Olejeme will be the next governor of Delta state in 2015. Power comes from God. We are the tools in the hands of God so let us keep our own solemn vows and don't betray. Have faith in this dream a woman can be our governor. No amount of blackmail will turn back the hands of time. A silent revolution is brewing in the brewing in the womb of time, and Dr Olejeme is the peoples choice for consolidation. You are in the right place I can assure you Uduaghan said.

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