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Avoid Sparing Mentality (1)

devotional 3
devotional 3
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Sparing means careful to use or give only a little of something. A sparing mentality is a mindset that makes someone unwilling to give his all to a particular thing that should concern him. It makes people to do barely enough to be noticed or acknowledged. It is a surface level, non-committal position that is rooted in eye service, sycophancy, self-glory, and carnality. It is the spirit that makes somebody to pull back where he ought to be fully involved.

The Bible said of the elders of Tekoa that they did not put their neck in the work of the Lord. It is the spirit that makes somebody to withhold what he should have made available (skills, abilities, funds, connections, etc.) which otherwise would have advanced the kingdom. This is the spirit that makes people pull back where they should have been fully involved.

Below are the things that can give handle to the sparing mentality in somebody's life. Take note and get rid of them.

NEUTRAL MINDEDNESS: Not willing to take a stand on a matter though he knows what is right, but he simply chose to be neutral with no drive.

PERSONAL AGGRANDIZEMENT & SELF-GLORY: He wants to enjoy the rewards without paying the full price. These are the people that seek shortcuts to prominence everywhere. Their motive is to manipulate the system in order to gain undue advantage, you have them everywhere even in the church. Some years ago, a man came to church for the first time and he dropped the key of his jeep in the offering bowl. I sent for him to come and pick his car key because we were yet to know him and more so, ministry had been on going before he came.

We asked him to cool down for us to know him well. It did not take long for us to discover that the man was an unrepentant adulterer that had committed atrocities in churches in town, what he wanted was to bribe his way to prominence before he would show his true colour. He was not ready to settle down and be processed thoroughly or helped. People like that are driven by their personal aggrandizement and not genuine love for God.

Prayer: Lord, I take authority over every handle that sparing mentality can work with in my life in Jesus' name.

Rev. O. Areogun
- Isaiah 54:2; 2 Sam. 24:24; acts 5:1-10