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Every Nigerian Deserves The Best

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What is the value of a Nigerian life? What is the value you place on your life as a Nigerian? When we realise the value and worth of each individual life in this nation, we will begin to experience wealth and development. The sense of value that we place on each life affects everything - our attitude to one another, governance, our economy and leadership. The sense of value we place on each Nigerian life is demonstrated through our love. Jesus teaches us to love our neighbour as we love ourselves. This translates to the fact that as an individual, you must love and appreciate yourself and then extend that same love and appreciation to others. Remember that you are created in the image of God. Anyone who cannot treat himself or herself well does not have the capacity to treat others properly.

The first step towards treating others right is to have a healthy appreciation for your own life. It is therefore important that you discover your own value and worth. Every Nigerian and every individual deserves to be treated with tremendous respect, honour and dignity. Unfortunately, these are attributes which are lacking in our nation today. As a child of God and as a Nigerian, make a conscious effort to be different as you ask God to open your inner eyes so that you see people the way He sees them. Always remember that every human being is an extension of God (Galatians 5:14). If you find yourself in a leadership position (not just in the government), then everyone you are leading deserves the best. Your objective as a leader should be how to make life better for others and how to serve; not how to enrich yourself and your family. The way we treat ourselves shows the value we place on human lives.

Nigerians deserve better transportation systems, road networks, schools, health facilities, infrastructure, residential and public buildings. Until we fully understand the importance of the value of each Nigerian life, we cannot work consciously towards providing the best; we cannot begin to experience it. Every individual should place a premium on his or her life and demand the best products and services. In our environment, we find mere necessities of life have been turned into luxurious items. This should not be so. We need to treat others (handicapped and able-bodied people) with mutual respect. Our children need to be protected and properly cared for. Obeying traffic laws and regulations shows that we value our lives. The life of a Nigerian is not cheaper than that of a foreigner. The challenge to us is that we should collectively and creatively lift up the standard of living in this environment. Make a choice to redefine the systems that we have in our nation today. You are more than what you think you are. When you walk in this consciousness, you enjoy the best. Nothing should intimidate you because the deposit of heaven inside of you is too much to make you feel inferior. The price Jesus paid for your life is awesome (1 John 3: 16).

By Pastor Kenny Folarin