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By Greg Ighodaro
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With a pensive grieve and burdened heart, with the evidence of poor Governance and apparently the continuous reign of our Mislead leaders.

Prior to the Kidnapping of the school students in Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok Nigeria that ensued on the 15th of April 2014, there has been different occurrences that have shown sloppiness in our response to National issues in our Country. I mean, if this regime is so good, why do we still have the popular terrorist sect around using the excuse of religion to harm others, to be unkind, unjust and oppressive.

After So many conjectures about the kidnapping of the 235 girls, the media seems to be having a good time publishing different stories with a popular caption that seems to be strolling every corner of social media (BRING BACK OUR GIRLS) and have been somewhat irrelevant in the pursuit of justice and retrieve of the missing Secondary school girls. If the media is so effective, why are the names and pictures of the students still hidden? All these, proofs just one thing, and that's the over sagging evidence that we've failed as a nation and as citizens individually.

Another worrisome important fact is the break-up of the Nation's most trusted force, the military. An eye-witness claim to have seen the Boko Haram sect come into the town with Military Uniforms and branded Military Vehicles (Hilux). There seems to be some members of the Military force in agreement with the belief system of the so called religious fighters. I won't run through the story because there is no trusted information and version consisting of the apposite facts of the kidnapping.

Sources states that, dozens of school girls abducted by Islamic fighters in Nigeria have been trafficked to neighboring countries and forced to marry their kidnappers, this was reported on Wednesday as protesters marched on the country's parliament to protest government inaction over the raid. The protest came up amid mounting frustrations with the reaction of the Nigerian government, with parents accusing the security services of ignoring their daughters' plight, and as usual, authorities replied by saying “search is ongoing” indefinitely though and that a crisis meeting has been called to bolster their efforts.

The response of our President has been amazing but not very surprising, going on with his 2015 campaign as if nothing is wrong and would stall the National Executive meeting for the death of The Vice President's brother but make promises of training more soldiers for the missing girls, Lol, for what exactly?. I'm not particularly dicing out blames, but if this article should do anything, it should make us see that we are not united as a Nation.

As at now, the Senior Security said government was in talks with the captors which another source claimed is not true and that the country's official satellite imagery database has not been updated since the 1980s which is also a key hindrance in the ability to track the extremist' movements across wide, isolated tracts of desert forest.

Hmmm!!! Here is evidence that the Nation's government is an embarrassment to the world leadership. Since the government has shown themselves to be powerless and the divided security forces seems incompetent at this point to phase out this organization from the country. The truth is, the girls have not been found, never mind the bad press and we can only hope God convicts their abductors and at least make our prayers count and heal our land. GOD BLESS NIGERIA AND PURGE US FROM BAD LEADERSHIP AND OUR IGNORANT SELF. AMEN.

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