A Never Ending Accessory

Source: Edith Elekwachi/Nigeriafilms.com

Fashionable and stylishly handcrafted bead-work adds statement to any outfit or attire. They make one look trendy, smart and gorgeous.

Check out the necks and wrists of your favorite celebrities these days, there are chances you will see fabulously crafted neck-pieces and wristfuls of stackable stretch bead bracelets.

These beaded works are so much fun to wear because they really give you a chance to show your personality.

They might be wooden, semi-precious stones, metal or crystals or they might be a mixture of any of these on one bracelet.

The fun thing is to find bead-works that really speak to you and shows what you love. Thereafter, you mix and match them all together to create a style of your own.

Checkout stylishy handcrafted bead neckpieces of 26year old bead smith, Theresa Nse Etoedia. Are they classy or not?