By Lagos PDP
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The Lagos State Chapter of PDP has described Governor Raji Fashola as a Serial Usurper whose ignoble tendencies imported into governance of the State must now be called to order.

The party's statement is a reaction to Governor Fashola's accusation and claim that the minister of State for Defence has used soldiers to stop construction of houses on the Land at Ilubirin Area, which purportedly belong to the lagos State Government.

The Governor was reported to have recently made these assertions during his infamous and wasteful celebration of days in Office.

According to the Lagos State PDP, "The Ilubirin Land Area is a federal government Property and not a Lagos State Government Property. Governor fashola has however jumped on the Land to continue his penchant and notoriety for usurping Individual's, Organisation's and Government's Rights and Privileges"

The party particularly cited the Governor's unchecked takeover of the Property and constitutional Functions of Local Governments in the State as the reason for now usurping federal government Rights. In the opinion of the party, the decision to stop the construction is appropriate in order to call the Governor to Order.

"The Land Area is a waterways and by the Law of the Land, it clearly belongs to the Federal Government. The mere fact that Governor Fashola sand filled the Area cannot automatically transfer ownership to Lagos State Government. Governor fashola is a lawyer and should appreciate the principle of 'quid quid plantatur, solo solo cedit'. The necessary step for Governor fashola to follow is to seek permit and support from the Federal government before encroaching on any Federal government property. Unless Governor Fashola shows the world valid proof of ownership of the Land by the LASG, he shall remain a Usurper"

The Lagos State PDP also faulted the Position of the Governor that the Land is meant to develop Housing Estate for the masses. The Party opines that the Governor is only attempting to whip up sentiment by such warped and belated argument. "Indeed the cost of completing a house on that Land Can't be less than Seventy Five Million Naira (75,000,000 Nair) which obviously is not a Housing Project for the Masses.

We boldly accuse Governor Fashola of developing the Land area for himself and his cronies. It cannot be true that a Masses Housing is contemplated on that Land. We have said it several times that dry Land Areas abound in Ikorodu, Epe, Badagry, Alimosho, Ojo etc for Low cost housing development. The cost of housing in such areas will be affordable to Low income earners. It will also decongest the Island.

Why thus is governor Fashola adamant in further congesting an already congested lagos Island."