Re: Almakura Has Set The Pace In Nasarawa State

By Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah

Throughout the course of my struggles, activism and stay on this earth, notwithstanding short, and my interaction with intellectual minded people, I have learnt one very important lesson: IGNORE IGNORANT PEOPLE THAT LOOKING FOR CHEAP POPULARITY.

I have read with utmost dismay and alarm when my good friend Engineer Sadiq Maifa drawn my attention this afternoon to an online publication by one Musa Tanko ranting with the above caption under his made in "China" Association, as such I urge Musa Tanko to take solace in the words of Winston Churchill that says "The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is."

Ordinarily it is not in my character as a person that is occupied with so many national assignments to engage an ordinary man like Musa Tanko but this rejoinder has becomes necessary in order to set the record straight for the purpose of clarity and intellectual clear-headedness coupled with the need to EDUCATE a character like Musa Tanko.

I therefore, consider it pertinent to make this response in order to put things in their proper perspective.

It is laughable to read in the purported article, of Musa that Gov Almakura has performed well beyond his predecessors, it's a pity that time and chance will not permit me to critically dissect, the performance of various leaders of the State, be it military or elected Governors but in answering your question as regards to the atrocity of Gov. Almakura, his aids and political "janjaweed" ideology apology to Prof. Metuh been adopted in Nasarawa State as it stands today the Almakura led Govt, and his retinue of Political almajiri's will leave Nasarawa State worst that they met it, you have asked me to provide you with other crimes of Almakura apart from the Polarization of the National body of the Nasarawa State Students Association (NASSA).

Here are the response to question: on the 25th February Two harmless Nigerian Students of Nasarawa State University Keffi were killed during their peaceful protest over non supply of water for weeks by happy trigger men that are yet to be known nor prosecuted,72 Security personnel were killed during Ombatse crisis in Alakyo despite the security advice warning Almakura from embarking on such suicide mission, Fulani Men are presently killing the peace loving people of Nasarawa State in the bush, the incumbent Chairman of Keana Local Government Area Hon. Haruna Osegba that won under the platform of PDP, his house and properties were burnt to hashes without anybody arrested or prosecuted, courtesy of Gov Almakura, It is equally on record that the Gov Almakura bought a multimillion dollars house in the united State of America (USA), about N1billion was spent on his son wedding in USA at the detriment of the people of Nasarawa State, the sacking of 5000 youths from 13LGA's in Nasarawa State cannot be forgotten in a hurry except by jaundice man like you all the projects that you aforementioned as been executed, or ongoing are conduit pipe used to loot the state as most of the projects were awarded to the Governor and his partner in crime.

However, as a well known Comrade with hard earned integrity in Nasarawa State and Nigeria by extension, I have never and will never be a 'Briefcase Activist', my records are there from my days in Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, I dare you to mention anybody in Nigeria that is sponsoring me to write against the Government of Almakura, I only believe that opinion is cheap, facts is sacred and truth is sacrosanct, from now henceforth, we will continue to agitate for good governance in Nasarawa State till we chase Governor Almakura out of Government house come 2015, In Shaa Allah!

Conclusively therefore, it is on record that Nasarawa State own higher institution just came back from an avoidable strike recently, even the recent defection of our visionary deputy Governor Mr Damishi Barau Luka is a confirmation that Nasarawa state is on the verge of collapsing, and needed to be rescue by voting him out come 2015, with the above mentioned cogent reasons of mine, I do hope you and other's have learn from this humble analysis of mine.

Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah Bsc (Quantity Surveying from Ahmadu Bello University), Is The National President Of The Nasarawa State Youth Network, Writes From Gombe, Nigeria @ik_dallah on twitter.

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