Assisting President Goodluck Jonathan At A Time Of A Wave Of Bad Luck Of Events

Source: Dr. John Egbeazien Oshodi

There is no doubt that the people of Nigeria are exasperated with the continued wave of bad luck as observed in the non-stopping daily acts of Northern killings, Southern kidnapping, public thievery, educational unrest, labor protest, and the ever widening ill-health and psychological trauma among children and adults.

The eradication or favorable reduction of these challenges remains in the super negative, therefore leaving things unsolvable.

The Jonathan administration through its military operations, intelligence attempts, the police and policy planners have had very little or manageable dent on these concerns, and in the eyes of the public thing are not getting better.

Why this. As long as the religious relationship and intercourse between southern and northern Nigerians remain sour or bitter especially as it relates to religious and social habits the formula to remedying these issues remain far off if not elusive.

There is this cultural attitude in the nation that what is happening in the south or north is 'their problem' or 'na them sabi O' as such the negative consequence of divisions and mistrust continue to hold the nation down in a state of deep instability.

Religious interest, personal agenda and ethnic alliance remain uppermost in the society therefore to the detriment of our national interest and collectiveness.

The air of national love is more at its weakest stage at this time in our young nation and in an unbelievable way the President remains surrounded by many persons in leadership who are outright muddled up, overwhelmed, uncertain and faltering in their approach to policy making that are supposed to benefit the President and the nation.

Across the nation we are continuously being surrounded by factors of leadership deceitfulness, management excuses, headship inanity, ethnic retaliation, official fabrications and private agendas. As a consequence the President continues to spend a great deal of time on reactive and exasperating directives.

It important to state that we know the hot spots in the south and north of the country, and the average Nigerian remains caught between the two sides of instability. As such on an emotional level some in the leadership, statewide or nationally, are psychologically being wounded by all the chaos like the demonstrations in the educational and geographical sectors of the nation.

Along these lines, recently the First lady of the nation openly noted that while the average Nigerian remains caught in these palavers many in the public leadership have their blood ties or children mostly outside the nation, either schooling or relaxing away from the national turmoil.

As the country continues to grow excessively in population, crowdedness, poverty and in ill-health as well as in matters of poor electricity and other developmental aids the President will remain overwhelmed in regard to lack of adequate movement towards national saneness.

Certainly the upcoming national conference is worth a trial but will it really and earnestly be carried out?

Will there be persons, groups or representatives on both sides of the divide like the the Boko Haram fighters, oil protection fighters and other multiple interest groups since such move and inclusion could bring more integrity to the public conference and to the nation before the world?

We must remain optimistic in the face of these daunting challenges as we pursue a healthy culture of democracy, and hopefully this upcoming conference will take a look at the issues raised here for the current administration, the President, the people and the entire nation.

Dr. John Egbeazien Oshodi, is an Abuja-based Psychologist. [email protected]

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