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CJNs office Secretary seems to send a fraudulent letter out to Ambassador Habiba Abubakar in her case with Justice Danlami Senchi.
We are humble by the hard work the NJC/CJN is putting to eradicate corrupt Judges in Nigeria, as seen in Daily Trust of 28/2/2014 page 7, Suspensions and dismissals of several Judges found with Misconducts of various kinds. Considering the effort the NJC under the leadership of the CJN are putting to protect Nigerians in the hands of corrupt Judges, a letter sent out by Danladi Halilu who allergies to be the Secretary to the CJN is quite a contradiction to her fight. During our investigations we came across the case between Justice Danlami Sanchi and Amb Habiba Abubakar. A positive and responsible reply was given to Ayuba Abdul, Esq signed by the honourable CJN herself with REF-NO-NJC/F.4/HC.25/1/231 but another letter was on the 5th/2/2014 sent to Ayuba Abdul Esq who are representing Habiba Abubakar with a different reference number as REF-NO-NJC/F.4/HC.25/1/245 purportedly from The CJNs Secretary Danladi Halilu Esq see attached. There are five issues here that needs clarification-:

1) If the letter is truly and genuinely from the CJNs office how could her secretary not get the correct reference number of the case that she earlier replied to, her self.

2) Have a look under the logo of the presumed CJNs Office sub headed paper, OFFICE is spelt like this ( FFICE ) OF THE SECRETARY, all this inconsistencies does not look like the letter originates from her office and with her knowledge.

3) If indebtedness is not with in her own committees Jurisdiction, is fare enough to refer the complainant to the Courts with in the FCT. It is still a blow to justice Danlami Senchis reputation and credibility.

4) NJC is a disciplinary body for bad conducts by any judicial officer that engages in act unbecoming of a good judge, I guess this is her Jurisdiction? What has the honourable NJC under the leadership of the CJN intends to do in this matter. We are confident in the CJNs leadership of fighting the corrupt Judges in our Courts . The letter written by her Secretary does not represent CJNs ideology of booting out corrupt judges. He Danladi Halilu has not portrayed good of the office with all those short comings. Is he directed to refer the case to court only?? And how about the issue of the judges Misconduct?? Or is any body in doubt of him calling Habiba Abubakar to his office?? What is his Cheque being paid to Habiba as a litigant before him for??? We are confident if this letter originated from her office , the CJN we know will never refer the entire case to court, because there is Misconduct from the Judge and she would have explained what she intends to do in her reply, Knowing who she is and what she stands for. But this letter shows that the case is final as far as Danladi is concerned.

Where is Justice here?

5) The office has queried the Judge and was mandated to reply within three weeks . What is the position of the NJC vis-a-viz to his reply ?? We hereby call on the NJC/ CJN to investigate the letter that is supposedly sent out by her Secretary with all those blunders. So that Danladi Halilu Esq ( Secretary ) or any other person does not put the NJC and CJNs office credibility at stake and also put the office to ridicule after all what they have been doing to clean the system and eradicate the corrupt ones.

And Nigeria has gone too far at 100 years to see any discrimination between Judges. What ever applies to A most apply to B this is Justice. The judges Suspended,Dismissed,or Retired they are Justice Danlami Senchis colleagues and should be treated the same in the eye of the law