I Shall Not Die (3)

Obedience is key to defying premature death. When we live a holy life and totally walk in obedience to God's laws and leading, then, it will become almost impossible to die untimely through sickness, diseases, enemy's attacks, demonic arrows, etc. And I hope you know that obedience includes respecting natural, spiritual, psychological, health and even nutritional laws; for they all stem from the divine laws. For example, when you smoke, do drugs, live in immorality, take alcohol, you are already breaking spiritual and health laws and you are inviting death.

When you live in bitterness, unforgiving, fear, hatred, envy, anxiety, impatience, etc, you are breaking psychological as well as spiritual laws. When you don't eat right, you don't expect to live long and healthy because you are already breaking a law that has God put in place to help you. This is also the same when you break physical laws like lack exercises, overworking yourself, exposing yourself to physical dangers, etc. God said that we should be wise in all areas of life. And that is complete wisdom. True! Now, you can ask yourself why the older generations lived longer, healthier and even more spiritual than us. Please, let me know your thought please.

Now, back to Jesus, He was able to defy and conquer death because He totally lived in obedience to God. He was always conscious and anxious to observe divine laws as written. He was always eager to seek and obey directives from His Father – 'His will be done'. He was working for the kingdom interest. Heaven cannot afford to lose you when all you think and do every moment of your life is to protect, propagate and proclaim the gospel and goodness of Jesus Christ.

When you give yourself totally to the work for God, all the machinery of heaven will be put in place to secure, protect and keep you. This is just what preserved Jesus while He finished His divine assignment on earth. And that was what He meant when He said that if you work in the light you will not stumble and the darkness (and its instruments) will not overshadow or defeat you. Get up today and throw yourself totally into His work and His grace will totally preserve you. Don't expect to live long when you are not adding any value to the kingdom business.

He also told us clearly in Mark Chapter Sixteen, verses seventeen and eighteen that no power of the enemy or sickness shall be able to overcome us. Listen to it,” These signs will accompany those that believe…They will be able to handle snakes will safety, and if they drink anything poisonous, it won't hurt them. They will be able to place hands on the sick and heal them.” Praise God! He didn't go back with these grace and power. He left them behind for us. And the snakes here mean all the powers of Satan and death. I said all. The poison represents all physical and spiritual agents that can be injuries to our health, our organs and our well-being. And even when the enemy thinks he can sneak in sickness, Jesus said we have the power to heal and cast him and his bag of diseases and pains away. Praise God! What again do you need??

You have every provision to immediately defy Satan, that sickness and all those life-threatening conditions. Yes, you will not die; you will surely live to finish your assignment on earth. It's not over yet. I command you to get out of that condition now, in the mighty name of Jesus!

Rev. Agbo is the author of the book Power of Midnight Prayer

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