Faze- Plantashun Boyz Are Working On A Collaboration

Source: Nigeriafilms.com

After the performance of the Plantashun Boyz on February 2nd at the Festac Town, Faze has confirmed that they are working on a collaboration but their tight schedule has been their issue to complete it soon. He also revealed that he is working on a new album which will come out in March.

I am working on my album entitled, Descender. We are looking at March. Very soon, we will put up a date for it. I am thinking of including a song Plantashun Boyz did together, maybe I will include it in the album. It feels memorable, it feels good. It is not the first time we will be doing such anyway. It really feels great and exciting to sing together again.”

He said about a collaboration “We have been working together, though we all have our busy schedules. I believe the time will come for that.”
About their next album “We worked on it but we have not really finished it. It is in the making. We are all busy pursuing our solo careers and other things. Very soon, an album should drop from Plantashun Boyz.”

Faze doesn't believe there is any benefit from them again “They are old stories, two people are married with kids among us. We are more matured now, no relationship is without hiccup. That is how life is but I assure you we are all good friends. They are my brothers and friends.
He concludes “My album is in progress. I have a collabo I am working on. My two singles, Lambo and Ifeoma video will soon be out. I am also working on a new single, it will be coming out soon.