Alhambra State SSG On The Hot Seat

By Chioma Nwamah
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Anambra SSG, Mr Oseloka H. Obaze today on ABS Face the Press debunked the notion that the outgoing Peter Obi administration was engaged in excessive spending. Reacting to a question on the insinuation in a recent cartoon in a national daily, Mr Obaze brandished a government brochure titled "Accelerating the Achievement Millennium Development Goals in Anambra State: The Final Push" to underscore that every flag-off, commissioning of projects and delivery of services or funds, were in tandem with Gov. Peter Obi's short, medium and long term plan under the MDGs programme and ANIDS.

He told the ABS Panel that "Some of the programmes being executed now by Gov. Obi were paid for many months back, but had to await the conclusion of the elections to be implemented." He noted that Anambra was not indebted and had not borrowed to fund the projects. On a lighter note, he observed that "the cartooning of our political leaders showed the vibrancy of our democracy, even when we do not always agree with the import of some cartoons."

Mr. Obaze underscored that there was no dichotomy between the outgoing and incoming administration and that Gov.-Elect Dr Willie Obiano and his Deputy, Dr. Nkem Okeke, were being briefed on ongoing government activities and that their schedules permitting, would usually attend the events, which were done publicly for the sake of transparency.

He said the Obi administration planned to finish strong and thus sustain the enabling environment in which the Obiano Administration would start strong and hit the ground running, in keeping with Dr. Obiano's visionary economic blueprint for Anambra, his four Cs -- continue, complete, commission and commencement of new projects platform -- as well as his pledge to complete projects started by Gov. Obi, which may not have been completed before he assumes office on 17 March 2014.

Mr Obaze also disclosed that the composition of the handover committee was based on consultations between Gov. Obi and Dr. Obiano and that an inauguration committee would be announced in due course.

ABS Face the Press Panel: Amuta, Ilozue, Mbachi and Ujumadu

SSG Oseloka H. Obaze (left) and the ABS Panel
The Final Push Brochure
Chioma Nwamah,
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