How PDP Underdeveloped Imo State—OK 2000...Calls On Okigwe Zone To Shun PDP And Their Misrule

By Uche Onwuchekwa

Chief Okey Enyiogasi, the former chieftain of Peoples Democratic Party and now a newly APC convert, has revealed how the past administrations of Peoples Democratic Party misruled and defrauded Imo State.

Speaking yesterday, at Okwe in Onuimo Local Government of Imo State, the former PDP chieftain while commending Governor Okorocha for his monumental developmental strides in Imo State, the Onuimo born business mogul regretted what he called the wasted years of PDP.

In a graphic detail, Onyiogasi said the contractors, in their description of work, especially on road constructions, were instructed to pour palm kernel shells on roads that were supposedly genuinely awarded.

He said Onuimo is witnessing, for the first time, well asphalt end Roads. Onuimo old politician declared his support for APC saying it is only party that has shown the people of Onuimo light. He queried why anyone from Onuimo and Okigw zone in general would not for APC.

it will be recalled that Onuimo was known for its bad and slippery terrain as it was a no-go-agrea, thereby causing untold hardship for its indigenes. The schools were in a dilapidated shape despite its small number, which was not enough for its populace. It was due to this peculiar characteristic that Governor Okorocha declared it among other two local governments as special that deserves emergency intervention.

Chief Enyiogasi's revelation goes to prove the corruptive practices of the past PDP administrations. In his conclusion, Chief Enyiogasi called on the people of Onuimo and Okigwe zone never to cast their votes to PDP while campaigning for the support of Owelle Rochas Okorocha Administration for its patriotic and service oriented programme for Okigwe zone and Imo State at large.