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What can make you slap your husband in public?
By Vivian Onyebukwa and Rachael Agunta
Saturday , March 13 , 2010
Stories are told about how one couple fought in public as a result of one family problem or the other. Some couples have reasons for fighting their spouse in public. But apart from that, Saturday SUN went round to ask women what would make them slap their husbans in public. Please read on.

Helen Okon
Some men are so irresponsible that you could be forced to react in a an abnormal way. There are some men who don't care about their family, but would choose to throw money around outside, most times, on women. Some of them drink themselves to stupor that they become a disgrace to the family.

Yet, there are some who would lie to their wives that they were going for a business meeting outside their location meanwhile they were somewhere cooling off with another woman. It is so painful. Some women have been left to take care of the responsibilities of the house alone, while their husbands are busy taking care of their concubines. There are many things that women suffer in the hands of men and it takes the grace of God to handle the situation very well. However, my prayer is that I would not get to that point of slapping my husband in public no matter what he does.

Vivian Agu
Nobody prays for a coward as a husband but if one unfortunately gets involve, she does not have any choice than to be slapping him anywhere, anytime to bring him back to his senses. It does not matter what people think but I know that if I marry an idiot I will be slapping him. Some men are so stupid that they misbehave any how, so if my husband misbehaves, I will have no other choice than to be beating, flogging and slapping him. God help me, if my strength and powers are above his, he is gone unless he learns to behave himself both at home and outside.

Christy Samuel
Well, marriage is not a bed of roses. There are times issues would come up that woulkd make you want to slap your husband in the public, but it is an abomination. No matter what happens, a woman should not slap her husband in the public. It can be done playfully on the bed when the atmosphere is blue but not when there is a quarrel. It could result in divorce. So for me I would never slap my husband publicly or not.

Martha Uche
A lot could contribute to a woman slapping the husband in public but I strongly believe that where there is love there is harmony. If I love my husband and he loves me in return, hardly could issues come that would result to fighting in the public. If a husband and wife has cause to fight in the public, it will be very hard for their love to be in tact again. No matter my experience in marriage though I am not praying to have any, I would never slap my husband in public.

Hope Akalaka
God instituted marriage as an avenue for a man and woman to come together and enjoy the company of each other. It was not meant to be a battle ground but the devil has turned so many husbands against their wives that every day, what you see is even enough to discourage the unmarried ones. Well, for me, there must be issues that could lead to upheaval in a relationship but I believe that there are so many ways to settle them without anyone laying hands on the other. When the going is good, a woman can slap her husband when they are clearing road to love making and that is pardonable by all men, but when it is obvious that there is a quarrel and you do so, the woman is digging her grave. So I would be the last person to slap my husband whether in the room or public.

Ngozi John
Marriage is becoming so scary these days but with God one can always choose the right man. I know that when you marry your missing rib and love her so much, you would not want anything to come in between. One does not just slap her husband without reasons because most men have decided to live like cowards thereby neglecting their homes to pursue shadows outside. It is only prayer that can save women from the hands of men. Never the less, it is not advisable for a woman to slap her husband in the public. As for me, I would not try it. It is mark of disrespect.

Rachael Pius
When a man leaves his beautiful wife to start looking at ugly girls in the street the woman boils to the point of explosion. It hurts every woman when you notice that your man is eyeing or even going out with your friend or someone you know very well. And if I may ask, if you see your husband in bed with another woman will you clap for him? If you see him in a joint with another girl drinking and eating, when you know that definitely it has nothing to do with business, would you be happy? These are issues that lead to slapping a man in the public not that women enjoy it. I pray that God would help us to maintain peaceful and loving homes so that the devil would not penetrate to destroy homes. I pray that issues that would lead to that does not happen. All the same I love my husband and would never slap him anywhere.

Amarachi Eze
I have been married for so many years and I have never attempted to slap my husband. I can never do that no matter what the issues are. For the fact that he is my pride is enough for me to bear his weaknesses nad shortcomings. Nothing is new on the face of the earth so I would prefer to endure and pray than disgrace myself in the public. What if he breaks my hand when I raise it up? What if he turns it like a foul being strangled? My dear it is better to manage issues than bring it to the open where everybody will know your predicaments and laugh at you.

Julie Ojong
Well it is not ideal for a woman to do so publicly. Issues must come but how we handle them matter a lot. It is better to keep enduring so that God will fight for you than to fight it yourself. There are so many ways to settle disputes without the next person hearing it after all. We diasgree in order to agree. I will not slap my husband in the public no matter what because as soon as I do that, I have given myself an identity that whenever I am passing people would always point at me to say that was the woman who slapped her husband. Again, to tell you the truth, the man will summon the whole strength in him and make sure that he kills you. Some may bear it when it is inside but when it is outside they would not bear it. It is better for any woman not to try it.