Has Beyonce Abandoned Dad Matthew Knowles To Financial Ruin?

By NBF News

Beyonce's dad, Matthew Knowles is currently dancing around some heavy cash trouble. He is allegedly on the heels of accusations of being a deadbeat dad and recent reports claim he's being sued, ironically, by a company that used to handle his finances.

According to TMZ, 'the legal documents prove a credit bureau is trying to collect $64,587.14 from Mr. Knowles, money it claims he owed to an accounting firm he hired.'

The firm is known to handle finances for high-end entertainers and athletes - a world Matthew used to run in back when he was Beyonce's manager. Of course those days are long gone, and his earnings took a nose dive when his daughter dumped him in 2011.

Mathew was sued by his baby mama Alexsandra Wright last month for $24,000 in delayed child support. But he claims he was the victim of a clerical error and has actually paid up.