We do not have to be a world leader first, African leader or even a national leader to empower folks in our jurisdiction with tools regardless of ethnic, class or political ideology. It is how true leaders are remembered. We need to address how narrow minded parochial and ethnic leaders sacrifice their countries for few cronies that belong to their ethnic, party, church, mosque and class. Because we are born into ethnicity does not mean it should destroy us as others.

Is African economy stupid? Since everyone knows we import what we have and export what we lack, U.S dollars or Euro. Our politicians use ethnicity to rob masses blind the way conservatives brainwash their poor to vote for them by heavy indoctrination, partition television, twisting of logic. Both even tell their poor how to survive poverty like foxes preaching survival to chickens.

In spite of all the complaints about Africa as a dangerous place to do business, the odious profit and penalties in case we dare back out, are too much to ignore. If Africa stocks are as profitable as foreign contracts, you wonder why it is not good to improve Africa's infrastructure. Africans sweat for every dollar or Euro made outside while our politicians float in the same at home.

Some Ghanaians faulted Nkrumah for Africa's economic independence at their expense. Yet, generally and Ghanaians in particular have more to gain from the deeds of a visionary leader. The Russians or Chinese have competed without U.S dollars or Euro dominated economy. How else could they afford Space Program or even build roads by depending on foreign materials?

Education of Africans is the foremost weapon we have as it enables us to communicate, relate and understand others from our cultures, languages and perspectives. Thinking, brainstorming on internet and other forums have ways of sinking into the minds of readers of African books, culture and modern social communications. If our ignorant leaders report to foreigners, thanks to WikiLeaks, we cannot control African destiny. Mobutu was never our choice in Congo.

There is a reasons Peoples' Redemption Party by Amino Kano was talikawa hero. Leader usually blossom from local areas. They are noticed regionally before being elected from their states. In each of the positions, people see certain attributes of a national or world leader. Some national leaders enhance their leadership in office to world stage. They are elected for local initiatives to enable jobs, education and agriculture but are appointed internationally for world cooperation.

Some faulted Azikiwe as more concerned about Africa than about his own people. Leaders are born or made locally; his skill and deeds within that local group would encourage others to elect him nationally to negotiate for Africa. Africa's goals enhance our confidence. This is how African hustlers missed the road asking for international aid instead of fair trade on foreign TVs.

Once we comprehend exploits of endowment, we stopped catering for our parochial interest.

Mandela became national leader after his fight against apartheid based on respect for basic human decency. He fought hard and those that were threatened by his mission declawed and incarcerate him for the most productive part of his life. The reason he became a world leader is differential to white minority in South Africa. Those that recognized him as a world leaders are the same ones that prevented him for achieving his dream locally, nationally and for Africa.

This is where the achievements of Awolowo are highly pronounced amongst different ethnic groups with his jurisdiction in the Western Region of Nigeria. He made provision of agricultural farms, industrial estate, jobs, education, health and housing as cardinal principles of his Party. Those who were fortunate to be in his jurisdiction, no matter which African country they came from or other parts of Nigeria as their elected main opposition Party, still dwell on his legacy.

Awo had critics but that he loved his jurisdiction more. If folks in his jurisdiction were those he loved more, they were Africans from different parts, not from Ikenne, his home town. But this is not about Awo, Nkrumah or Zik , it's about loving Africa more so that the confidence of our achievement can boast our natural resources. Selfish parochial local leader that refuses to cater for the human needs of its population can never be respected outside. Charity begins at home.

Indeed, every African leader like Mwalimu Nyerere, Lumumba or Nkrumah never achieved their dreams because foreigners in selfish interest chose leaders to replace them. That is how we lost Lumumba. It is difficult to choose a leader in Africa that is not an agent of foreign governments. When Africans cross the deserts looking for greener pasture since their leaders mismanaged their own land, nobody cares what part of Africa you come from. We are all treated as beggars.

There are debates whether Africans can learn to replace ethnic division with social, liberal or conservative ideology. We have shown that greedy tendencies, common amongst humans can create peculiar unity for the survival of the fittest. Darwinism approach has proved fatal for African Continent because we are our brothers' keeper. By limiting the resources of a highly endowed people only into use by others, has rendered us suckers for foreign finished products.

The more educated the working poor, the easier it is to understand issues. However, Africans that are undereducated and many of the educated follow the money. As Americans use twisted logic for seniors or poor that does not want government in their Medicare or Medicaid. 2 out of 3 poor Americans that need health care do not like Affordable Care Act if called Obamacare.

By eliminating free rides of leaders based on consequences of using ethnicity to choose them, we can manage the richest Continent endowed with abundance natural resources and brains power. Impress danger of our resources being sold back as costly scarce finish products, which drain far more by usury than anywhere else in the world. Just so that few middlemen can gain.

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