NDLEA nabs suspect for concealing 9.2kg drug in palm oil for export

By The Citizen

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has arrested a taxi driver, Peter Okwuokei, for delivering a gallon of palm oil containing 9.2kilogrammes methamphetamine for export to South Africa.

The discovery was made during the screening of cargoes on a South African Airline flight at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos.

NDLEA Lagos Airport Commander, Mr. Hamza Umar, while confirming the arrest, said Okwuokei was arrested for attempting to export 9.2kg of methamphetamine to South Africa. He said the drug was packed in 41 parcels and hidden inside a gallon containing palm oil.

Okwuokei however claimed ignorance of the drug. The father of four said he was contracted to take the gallon of palm oil to the airport.

He said, 'I was simply delivering the oil as requested by a regular passenger; he asked me to send the gallon of oil to him. I thought I was doing him a favour, but little did I know that it would land me in big trouble. He called me and asked me to collect a gallon of palm oil from somebody.

'When I got to the estate junction as directed by the passenger, a young man walked up to me and asked if I was Peter. When I answered yes, he gave me the gallon of sealed palm oil. I was confused and speechless when at the airport, the oil was found to contain drugs during search.'

Section 11, sub section b of the NDLEA Act states that anybody who without lawful authority export, transports or otherwise traffics in the drugs popularly known as cocaine, LSD heroine or any other similar drugs shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to be sentenced to imprisonment for life.

NDLEA Chairman, Mr. Ahmadu Giade, urged members of the public to shun drug trafficking.

'Ignorance is not an excuse under the Act. If you are not sure that a consignment is drug-free, then do not take it for export; otherwise you are liable. People must be cautious,' he said.