Video : Mystery 'healing' river in Enugu

Source: Don Dumex -

Have you guys heard of the river that heals people of all kinds of sicknesses in Enugu? well....i heard it heals but i have not seen anybody healed by it.

People from all over Nigeria especially the eastern part have been flocking the river located at Nachi community in Udi, Enugu state. Both old and young are there..they bath and some even drink the water.You need to see how dirty this water's so muddy and yet many believe it will solve their health problems.

If you ask me what i think? i would say, if you have any problem, go to the lord on your knees and he will give you an answer. if he says you should go and bath in the river...fine...go!.....not because it worked for mr. A you now think it will work for mr B...Na lie!

Act according to the lord's guidance. Naaman's case was different.....

Pls watch the video and tell me what you think.