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'Stop dissipating energy on electronic voting machine'

March 9, 2010 03:04AM
>The Abia State Chapter of Nigeria Labour Congress has advised the Independent National Electoral Commission to stop dissipating its energy on electronic voting machine as the only way to guarantee free polls in Nigeria.The Chairman of Abia Chapter of NLC, Lucky Akabuike, in Umuahia on Monday said that acquiring the machines would be an exercise in futility, “Electronic voting machine, yes it is a good option,” he said, stressing that the question remained “with which energy – generators or batteries – are you going to make the machines to function?

Mr. Akabuike said if the country must use the machine, the federal government should address the power situation in both the urban and rural areas of the country first.

“For us it is a good ambition and a dream for tomorrow because certain things must be addressed to use it,” he said.