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'She agreed to marry me though I'd no money'
Tuesday, March 02, 2010
Mr. Michael Oluwasegun Aina, one of the six couples that wedded recently at Christ Apostolic Church, Oke-Ibukun, Ago-Adura, Abaranje-Ikotun said he has been living with his wife since 1986.

What made you choose this woman as your wife?
I admire her even from afar. Rachael is an epitome of good character. And after we started living together, I discovered that she is very supportive, caring and in fact, a mother both to me and our kids.

When you discovered that she is all in all, why didn't you go to do all the necessary things to be properly wedded before now?

I would have loved to properly wed her even before we started living together but I couldn't afford it then. In fact, when I discovered that she is a priceless jewel, I felt like marrying her properly, but I was incapacitated by finance. But I never for once forgot that I haven't married her properly and when the opportunity came, I grabbed it.

Do you for once regret ever living with her?
Never. Instead, I always thank God for giving me a supportive wife who stood and still stands by me through thick and thin.

Advice to young ones
Young ones should marry with their head intact, go for who your heart desires not minding if such a person is rich or poor. All that glitters is not gold. Some marriages based on money may not stand the test of time but marriage based on love and God stands forever.

I love him for being himself. He wasn't rich but he is well groomed. The little he has he never hesitate to use for his family. He provides for the home in his own way and he is not a wife beater.

Did your parent support your marriage?
At first, they never wanted it that way. My mum had always wanted to give out her daughter in marriage in a glamorous way but when it wasn't so, she wasn't happy with my choice. But she later consented. Before she died (she died two years ago), all along she had been reminding me to tell my husband to come and do the proper thing but unfortunately, we now did as she had wanted after her demise.

Do you ever fear that your man may decide not to marry you properly?

Although it sometimes come to my mind and this is based on my parents, my fear and my desire to be celebrated in marriage. But for his good naturedness, I never allow the fear to last long.

How do you feel now?
In fact, if you ride a horse in my stomach, it will go smoothly. I am on the top of the world. I can now delightedly tell my daughters that they should be properly married.

Would you allow your daughter to be married the way you were?

I wouldn't want my daughters to be married the way I was. I want them to get married properly before moving into their husbands' houses. In fact, if they can't afford society wedding, I will encourage them to do the church wedding and go to the registry to reduce the expenses. I don't want them to be aged as I am now before they do their marriage. I would want them to follow the tenet of God just as the Bible says that the matrimonial bed should be undefiled and glorious. I would want them to make me proud so that people would not say they have taken to my steps.

Advice to new couple
They should endeavour to put God first in whatever they do, tolerate each other, co-operate with each other and never call third party into their affairs.