By NBF News

CAN Chairman threatens fire for fire
Tuesday, March 9, 2010
Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Akwa Ibom State chapter, Bishop Cletus Bassey, has warned the Federal Government to find immediate and lasting solution to anti-Christian violence or else Christian youths would be asked to return fire for fire.

Bassey, who was reacting to the alleged massacre of Christians by Fulani herdsmen in Jos, Plateau State on Sunday, challenged the Federal Government to make public the results of previous committees or commissions of enquiry on Jos crises if it were sincere about bringing the mayhem to an end.

'Federal government should address the issue of extreme Islamic fundamentalism which is making incursion into Nigeria. Nigeria is not an Islamic state and they should make no mistake about it. What is happening in other countries where Muslim fundamentalists are killing and maiming Christians and nothing is happening, cannot happen here in Nigeria.

'But if what is happening in Jos and other northern states continue, we will have no choice than to ask Christians to defend themselves, their church and their family,' Bishop Bassey threatened.

The cleric, who is also the presiding bishop of Destiny International Church , with headquarters in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State , equally advised his fellow pastors to be careful of what they preach as morality appear to have departed from the pulpit in recent times.

According to him, 'What some pastors say on the pulpit is not necessary. Pastor should not be available to anoint any politician that comes to them. It seems pastors have been pressured to the extent that if they cannot prophesy, they prohelie.'

While condemning the spate of kidnappings in Akwa Ibom State, especially, recently, where kidnappers have found joy in kidnapping pastors or worshippers in the church, Bassey, lamented that the church which was a place where sinners go for forgiveness of sins had been turned into arena to commit atrocities.

He, however, said the church would continue to pray for the kidnappers to repent, but warned them (kidnappers) to do so quickly so as not to miss the greener pasture which absence they blamed for taking to the crime.

Bishop Bassey also advised the church to rearrange their protocol and security outfit to monitor strange people who attention the church to commit crime.