Niger delta realistic forum VS GOVERNOR AMAECHI


We the niger delta realistic forum rivers state chapter has decided to join our

amiable governor to APC because he is indeed a leader of leaders,we also want to use this medium to advice the entire people of rivers state to rally round our governor and give him the support he deserves from us. Since the history of rivers state this is the only administration that has executed projects all across the local government in terms of schools,health centers,roads also let's not forget to also applaud our amiable governor in bringing peace ones more to our beloved garden city,we would also not fail to mention his achievements in the Afam power station(700megawatts)the banana farm in ogoni land which has provided job opportunities to our youths infact its only this administration that has been able to build different farms across the local governments there by engaging our youths in the rurual areas,its only Rotimi amaechi that has ever employed 13,000 teachers in the history of rivers

state. We also thank over 200 GDI members across different local government in rivers state for joining us to APC,we can only pray that GOD almighty guides and protect our governor during this trying period that at the end of the day all Glory and honour would be ascribed to his name

LONG LIVE the people of rivers state
LONG LIVE the governor of rivers state
LONG LIVE niger delta realistic forum
LONG LIVE federal republic of nigeria
rivers state chapter)
Sign:EBIZIMOR WIKIMOR (secretary)
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