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Would you use sex toys?
Sunday, March 07, 2010

A sex toy is any object or device that is primarily used in inducing sexual pleasure. Examples include dildos and vibrators . Many wives see sex toys as sinful, but others believe there's nothing wrong with their usage . They believe they are for matured minds and not for teenagers . The following are reactions of some married women on the issue. Excerpts:

As a responsible married woman, a woman with dignity and the fear of God, I cannot use them. As far as I'm concerned, though many women use them, it is not a good life-style. It is devilish. If at all I feel like having sex and my husband is not there for me, the best thing I could do is get over it. Doing something like that is disrespectful to my husband and does not glorify God.

It is not different from masturbation, which the holy book condemns. It is an abomination in God's sight.

If some women could do such when they are sexually aroused, it means they can go to any length and sleep with other men to satisfy their fleshly desire. Whether their husbands are not around or they are not satisfied with what they get from actual intercourse they should not indulge in it.

It is very common in our tertiary institutions. Many young ladies buy these things, hide them and take them to school. Although, many of such girls wear innocent faces but deep inside them, they are whores.

Let us not be taken-in by the devices of the devil in the name of civilization.

How many of our young girls still retain their virginity today, absolutely few in number.

The use of sex toys is not the solution to satisfying one's sexual urge. Rather it makes you a sex slave, and you may never be able to control it any longer.

In other words, it destroys you gradually and you would not get your bearing anymore.

Giving it a try is also getting addicted to it. Therefore it is a shameful thing to be mentioned in our midst.

I'm not against it on just one condition.
I think it should have been recommended to only married pregnant women whose husbands are always far away towards their delivery.

We all know that during pregnancy, the husband is expected to be close to his wife, as this would assist in making delivery easier.

In other words, at a certain stage of pregnancy, the doctor advises couples to play safe. This, on its own would not make it difficult for the baby to pass out more conveniently during labour.

But for those who only think they could derive pleasure in the use of sex toys, I think it is purely demonic and it could ruin your sex life.

Sex toys are meant for prostitutes and those who are learners in the trade. Sex toys are not used by normal people, but they are for people with familial spirits. They are for people with the spirit of fornication and adultery, because there is always a spirit behind its use .

It is something that has to do with the mind and psyche.

I believe a sane person would not think of inserting any object into her organs, if she is not mad, or gradually going out of her mind. That is why the Bible advises that whoever cannot control his/her sexual urges should get married. Now what is the difference between a prostitute and a person who uses sex toys?

Many of our society ladies use them and many of these young girls we see as innocent use them too.

That is the more reason why government should help abolish the sale of pornographic movies on our streets. Seductive dresses should be abolished in our tertiary institutions.

Majority of women who use them are lesbians.
I wonder why so many people in Africa have decided to be dogmatic. Many people believe in western cultures, even without knowing the meaning of what they do.

Sex toys were purposely made for Westerners, because it is believed that they have a higher libido, so it was designed for them in order to ease their sexual urges. Unfortunately here in Africa, it has become a necessary thing some women carry about.

Many take sex toys to their offices, as some men would take condom with them to work.

What is our problem?
I think we cannot get the solution to our problems unless we fathom what the problem really is. Except some of our women are referred to psychiatrists, we will not know where to start. Without this, we are heading no where.

There is nothing wrong with sex toys. It is a matter of choice and there is no one forcing them on anyone.

I see sex toys as a way of satisfying your sexuality, rather than sleeping around. This is better for married women, not spinsters, because it will be termed abuse.

Secondly, it should not be done too often, as it could increase one's daily sexual urge.

Any woman who has a terribly high level of libido will have no alternative than sleeping around, because no amount of intercourse would satisfy her.

There is nothing wrong with one having any of these sex toys but they should be used with caution. We do not encourage teenage girls to use them… they are strictly for mature minds.