Emulate Peace Greetings, Ajibola Urges Muslims At Eidul Ftri

By Idris Katib

The former Attorney-general and Minister of Justice, His Excellency Judge Bola Ajibola has advised Muslims to emulate the content of Islamic greetings “Assalam alaikum”, meaning “God's peace be unto you” in all spheres of their lives.

In his Eidul fitri celebration message to the nation through his media aide, Idris Katib, the former judge of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) said this period of festivities should be used for sober reflections to allow peace to rein in the country.

Ajibola noted that from the mode of Islamic greetings, the words and actions of any Muslim should reflect nothing short of peace in the society, stressing that even Prophet Muhammad lived in peaceful co-existence with people of other faith during his time.

He congratulated Muslims for accomplishing another Ramadan fast which constitutes a strong pillar of the Islamic faith, he urged people to engage in constructive dialogue rather than mass human destruction the nation has continuously witnessed.