Chidi Mokeme In Paternity Mess With Jim Iyke’s Estranged Lover

Source: Osaremen Ehi James/

To say Chidi Mokeme needs a black soak with an iron sponge to scrub himself in order to clear his name from an alleged paternity scandal is an understatement. Maybe the handsome actor will need the services of a good prophet and a sugar-coated speaker to convince his wife, Jean Chinwe, who he only married in 2012, to disbelieve the rumour flying around that he truly didn't know about the latest mess he's into.

Of course, he might be forgiven by his doctor wife that the his rumoured affair with Senator Florence Ita Giwa are the imaginations of the media, but the latest that the reported estranged lover of fellow actr, Jim Iyke, JHabiba Abubakar, gave birth to a love child allegedly for Chidi may be hard to disbelieve, going by the way things are going.

Within the Nollywood circle, it is speculated that Chidi assisted Habiba to effectively counter all alleged damaging write ups and online postings geared towards blackmailing her from getting back the huge sympathy loan she gave Jim Iyke to boost his clothing business which became the source of all her problems.
However, grapevines had it that Mokeme and the Abuja Lady had been in hot romance and had been spotted in and out of some five star hotels and executive guest houses in Abuja some other choice locations in Kaduna and Kano.

The news is that their affair has now produced a bouncing baby boy, while Chidi is yet to have a child from his legal wife. It was even alleged that Chidi tried to force his mother of three lover, Habiba, to terminate the pregnancy, but she disagreed and reportedly went ahead to have the child in Saudi Arabia some days ago.
We heard that the child has been named Bilal Geoffrey Chukwudi Mokeme and his family are aware of the development. Gist reaching us also says that the wife of a multi billionaire businessman bought a n ML Mercedes M/class for the actor's mother during her birthday in March 2013.

Now, Chidi has further been accused of trying to fights back by allegedly threatening to publish some internet created and generated X-rated pictures, mails, and fabricated texts messages to disparage Habiba and embarrass her and her children, who are innocent in this case.

As we were informed, the woman's husband has chased her away and taken custody of their three children.

To jog your memories about this alleged gigolo called Chidi Mokeme, a few years ago, he was in a dirty fight with a woman he allegedly impregnated and dumped. The brave lady pursued Chidi and finally forced him in the last four years to begin taking some responsibility for his son who was 15 years old June 2013. She is not the first one he had dumped in the like manner but the only one who had the courage to tackle him.

We heard that Chidi likes older women like an addict smoker likes his cigarette. Well, as for madam actor freak, we were informed that she is presently devastated. But what about the real madam at home, grapevine said she is thinking on what step to take on this issue.

Effort by to speak to Chidi on this story were not successful as at the time of posting this piece.