By NBF News

Now that many women hardly have enough time to get their make-up done, here is some good news if you can spare five minutes before rushing out the door. Here are the steps you can stick to and I bet you can never be late:

1.Rub on your moisturizers and you don't need to wait for ten minutes before applying your foundation.

2.Apply your foundation and blend with your hands. It gives better coverage than a brush or puff and no one would know you have a foundation on.

3.Apply your blush and blend. Powder blush is easier than the cream. So when in a hurry, it's easier to use the powder blush.

4.Put on your favorite eye shadow. Depending on the occasion, you may decide to go multicolor or use just a single colour.

5. Your eyeliner should be the last after your eyeshadow and just trace it neatly down the shape of your eyes.

6.Apply Mascara to your lashes. If you want it thick, repeat the coat twice or more but if not, a coat is okay.

7.Use a fat pencil this time around and make sure your eyebrows are well groomed.

8. Colour your lips. A lip brush does a better job and takes less time than lipstick from the tube.

9.Powder your face with loose powder.
10. Check your blusher again and add a little if necessary.

Girls, you no longer have excuses for not wearing your make-up properly.