Tinubu's criticism of Akala, Ladoja vindicates us, says Oyo ACN

By The Citizen

The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Oyo State chapter, has said that the statement credited to former governor of Lagos State and leader of the party, Senator Bola Tinubu, that the duo of ex-governors Rashidi Ladoja and Adebayo Alao-Akala were 'rotten and reactionary' was a confirmation of its previous statements that the duo do not deserve the current Oyo State.

It made this known in a release issued by its State Publicity Secretary, Mr. Dauda Kolawole.

According to the party, the two Oyo ex-governors and their parties, the Accord Party and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), can only thrive in an ambience of thuggery and violence, which the current ACN-led government had effectively re-written to 'development-oriented politics.'

'Senator Tinubu merely underscored what we had always been shouting out to the world, that in a New Oyo State where violence, thuggery and politics of brickbats have no place, none of these two former governors can compete effectively. If it were the pre-2011 Oyo State where they had a competitive edge in violence, it would have been a different ball game but now, what we talk about in our state is politics of development and not how many thugs you have behind you,' said the ACN.

While berating former governor Ladoja for forgetting so soon all that Senator Tinubu did for him during his period of travails when he was illegally and unfairly impeached and was ran out of town by the same set of people he is hobnobbing with today, the ACN said this was a reflection of the chameleon politics that the former governor was renowned for.

'We recollect that when all friends turned to foes for Senator Ladoja, it was Asiwaju whom he turned to. They planned to kill him and have his intestines for dinner. Tinubu came to his rescue and spirited him out of Ibadan and at the same time offered him shelter and comfort in Lagos. He was a recipient of the renowned goodwill and large heart of the former Lagos State governor until he was returned to office. How would this same man repay him with evil?' the ACN asked.

The party said that the convergence of the who-is-who of society in Ibadan on Tuesdayfor the commissioning of three landmark projects of the Ajimobi administration was a testament to the developmental politics that was ongoing in Oyo State.

'It is no longer the politics of how many Eleweomos you have, which of the political parties Tokyo is supporting or whom Auxiliary is supporting. It is the politics of who has impacted more in the lives of the people. Our people, having tasted the immeasurable developmental initiatives of the Ajimobi government in the last two years are like the proverbial woman who has tasted the home of two husbands. They know where their breads are better buttered between the two ex-governors and the Ajimobi government,' said the party.

While urging Governor Ajimobi not to rest on his oars, the ACN said that if Ajimobi could repeat his performance level in the second half of his tenure, the masses of Oyo State would begin to stone those who administered them for eight barren years.

'We are getting to that level now where the people of the state, having seen what is going on, would demand why the previous eight years were barren. We pity the architects of those unproductive years because the days of reckoning are coming presently,' the party said.