Iwu is a failure, sack him now -AC

Source: africanexaminer.com

Following several poor elections conducted in the country by the Independent National

Electoral Commission (INEC), the Action Congress (AC) has called for the immediate

sack of the commission's national chairman Pro. Maurice Iwu.

The Party which hinged the success of any electoral reforms by the Acting President

Jonathan Goodluck on the removal of Iwu described the chairman's tenure as the worst in

the country.
According to a statement issued in Lagos by AC, no single Nigerian has been able to hurt

the image of the country more the Prof. Iwu following unbelievable rigging that marked the

2007 elections at all levels in the country.
The party noted that sacking Iwu will ensure sanctity in the electoral system ahead of

2011 elections adding that the INEC boss is famous for wasting money on frivolous

things in the conduct of elections.
Many believe that 2007 elections were the worst in the country. The international

elections observers were unanimous in condemning the massive riggings that pervaded

the elections. Ballot stuffing, inflated figures, thuggery, insufficient as well as late arrival of

electoral materials, logistics problems, god 'fatherism', all these irregularities made

nonsense of the 2007 elections.
To buttress this point on INEC failure, the country witnessed unprecedented number of

elections that were over turned by electoral tribunals.

Meanwhile, the Acting President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan has promised that next year

elections will be credible. He said this in a statement issued after meeting with immediate

past President of the United States America Mr. Bush

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