Nigerian Students Dying of Hunger In Russia


The Need to urgently pay Stipends to Nigerian B.E.A. Scholars

It is with deep dissatisfaction and unfortunate circumstance we are writing you this note. Sequel to the advent of the Bilateral Educational Agreement between the Nigerian government and other countries which fell under this agreement including the Russian Federation which present young intelligent and merited Nigerians with opportunities to enjoy full rights to quality foreign education, these even becomes more interesting when these set of students/scholars are from financially average and less privilege homes. The full-time scholarship(which includes payment of school fees automatically by the Nigerian government and the payment of monthly stipends to scholarship students which carries away burden of demands and dependency parents of these scholars would have encountered while sponsoring their wards/Kids by themselves.  Over the years; the Russian government has live up to her bargain and part of the deal and  agreement by providing scholars with quality education and the regular payment of monthly financial stipends to all foreign scholarship students  as at when due irrespective of nationality. That is call responsibility and discipline government.

On the other hand, her counterpart, which is the Federal government of Nigeria; as continue to be defaulting and lackadaisical with payment of her scholars year in year out. These are signs of irresponsibility and a callous government towards the plight of her citizens. We can't relate to the reason why this problem and challenge most continue repeating itself in every financial given year. Nigerian government scholars feel humiliated, dehumanize, embarrass, helpless and left to their fate amongst other foreign students here in Russia. Students here are exposed to most dangerous and life threatening circumstances due to financial inadequacies, students feed hand to mouth, can't do important school and resident registrations, unable to afford quality medical attention, even in the case where is afforded, the health insurance is not enough to cover the entire medical treatment, and in turn exposes the individual to health problems which must have been handled appropriately, students finds it difficult to pay for their accommodation (hostel)fees, the lists goes on endlessly. These students are confronted with untold hardship since they live here in a country which isn't theirs; neither are their parents nor guidance around them, let's be frank and truthful to ourselves; how many politicians or highly place government official would find it funny or rather tolerate their children to such bedeviling situation?

Therefore; affording basic necessities of life becomes too far from reach, hence making them vulnerable to unhealthy and criminalizing activities which is to the detriment of their educational pursuit. The last time the Nigerian government scholars were paid study stipends here in Russia was a year ago (to be specific in June 2012). How possible is it to survive in a society not yours and where none of your family member(s) resides, with a year stipend which was paid in the June of 2012 to still be left with these students.

It is very obvious that we as a nation don't learn from history, which puts us under the category of bad history students. How long most we continue to repeat the same mistake always. Most we allow publications to be done in the pages of dailies and newspapers before the attention of those responsible to be drawn to the fact that they need to adequately carryout their responsibility.

In view of this, behalf of all the Nigerian scholarship students in the Russian Federation under the B.E.A. hospices, the students in Rostov under the aegis of the Nigerian Community in Russia (Rostov-On-Don) solicit to the Nigerian Ministry of Education, the Federal Scholarship Board, influential individuals, parents with children in Russia under this arrangement, well-meaning responsible Nigerians, and any other that cares to listen to please make conscious effort to see that students are paid their stipends and allowances with immediate effect. Not waiting till the (students) are attacked by ulcer and other diseases due to lack of food. We make our plea and demands known to Hajiyah H.U. Abdullahi who is professional, an educationist and above all a mother, that your children, and most especially the new students in their language preparatory course who are very much younger and whose allowances were meager when coming to Russia are now suffering and crying. Hoping you use your good office to listen to our outcry. Because it is said that a stitch in time saves nine.

Appreciating you for your prompt response.
Secretary General
For; Nigerian Community in Russia (Rostov)

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