The rate at which children are being molested sexually in Nigeria is alarming! Pedophiles are everywhere targeting on their prey, It's saddening to see a full grown man or woman being attracted sexually to a Little girl or boy. Who is a Pedophile? A Pedophile is a person 16 yrs of age or older who is primarily or exclusively sexually attracted to children who have not reached puberty.

Once upon a time, when I was 7 yrs old, a man who had made himself familiar with me and my siblings called me from my mummy's supermarket n asked me to come collect money to buy biscuit. I followed him to his office which was upstairs my mum's supermarket. He placed me on his laps, this man could not have been less than 35 yrs of age, I felt his finger nails reaching out for 'that thing' I cover with my I was scared n quickly asked him to let me go that I did not want to buy biscuit again. “Abi now”,i if it's biscuit that would land me into trouble, I had better not go for it again. To my amazement, this man reached out for d door n wanted to shut n lock it with the keys so as for me not to b able to run out. I guess he saw the fright on my face, so he let me go........

Do you know what, If I see d man today, I will still place him perfectly. Believe me, I will ask him what went wrong with his brain about 26 yrs ago.....Only God knows d no of kids he would have successfully abused between then and now. I still have the picture of his face in my memory.

As an 'extreme' Introvert back then, I never told anybody of what d man attempted. I couldn't even tell my mum whom I trust would tear d man into pieces if she heard such a thing. Trust Iya Kofo!lol

The truth is that children are not close to their parents, or I should say parents aren't close to their kids that their kids would b able to discuss anything with them. Sad still, many parents don't believe d stories of their children.

I actually had a near experience @ age either 4 or 5 when our house help would open d door for one Broda Rasaki,I wouldnt know what d 'broda' used to do with d house help but I remember on an occasion broda Rasaki, removed his penis n was trying to insert it in sister jerked d bedroom door open n he quickly disengaged from me.

Parents, listen and listen good, Pedophiles are everywhere. I guess I don't need anybody to tell me that. Your next door neighbor might be a Pedophile, your child's class teacher might b a Pedophile, a child's uncles and aunts can b Pedophiles

That brings to memory story of a man. He told me his story himself. He said his aunty was always playing with and inserting his genitals into her vagina right from age 5.He said @ that age, he started having sex with not only his aunty who introduced him to d world of sex but also he had lost count of d no of little girls he had had sex with! I repeat, Parents, be watchful over your kids, there are bad children everywhere whom devilish adults has started polluting n they are around your kids can never know because u believe children are innocent! Not all children are innocent. This man said he couldn't do without sex and I can tell u that though this man is now fully grown, he is more or less a Beast!

What am I trying to say is that, the promiscuity we see in d lives of men n women all over today started from childhood- Child sexual abuse. A lot of children are dying inside n wish they could talk to somebody about that Pedophile-Predator but their Parents are too busy for them.......Worse still, these children carry d psychological effect of it thru their lifetime. They are NEVER balanced psychologically. A research study on 75% of d prostitutes in major environs reported all of them confessed they were sexually abused as a child.

Bukola Afolabi Ogunyeye

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