My mother-in-law is making my life miserable

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Dear Agatha,

I am a regular reader of your column. I am 26 years of age. I have a life-eating problem and I believe you can help me. I married a mummy's pet kind of husband who tells his mother everything we discuss and do in the house.

Naturally, his mother sees me as an obstacle, even though he pretends about it. Although she doesn't shout at me but she has a way of making my life in that house hell on earth. For instance, if my husband has the urge to eat a particular kind of food and I make attempt to cook what my husband wants, she would come to the kitchen to tell me that the particular food is forbidden in that house.

The worst thing is that when my husband comes and I tell him what his mother said, he won't say anything. Although he is the breadwinner of the family, he cannot stand up to his people to defend me. The resultant effect is that I am on my own, begging them to like me a little bit but it seems the harder I try to please them, the more determined they are to make my life unbearable in their brother's house.

I have been begging my husband to relocate, at least, a little far away from the family so that I can enjoy my very young marriage but he has refused to listen to me. His excuse is that I would soon be back in school which is six hours drive from home.

Anytime I raise the issue of the treatment I get from his family, he is instant in defending them. His mother is in charge of my less than a year old marriage.

And it appears this is going to be the pattern of my marriage as my husband in his wisdom, built his personal house within the vicinity of the family house.

My sister-in-law who is also at home is over 30 years of age and she too is another source of my headache. I am dying slowly. Please help me.

Confused Wife.

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