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SIR: Nigeria is one of the most blessed countries in the world, with enough resources to develop its citizens and take them to the Promised Land. But our failure today has been from the corrupt and dishonest politicians we have.

Can Nigeria have honest and upright leaders in 2015? That is a question that's worth a million naira. With the present crop of politicians, it will be difficult.

The president we need must be a person who has the experience, is principled and of course who will listen to the people without creating much gap between the high class and the working class. We cannot afford to go for a lucky man but rather a hardworking man. Our leader must know Nigeria; possibly speak another Nigerian language apart from his native tongue; one with literate and working knowledge of Nigeria.

Our next president must have carriage and charisma, charm and finesse, bold and courageous and above all, he must have confidence and passion. He must be willing to fire any minister who is incompetent and corrupt, deal with economic issues and oil subsidy thieves.

We need a leader that in 2015 that will supervise projects and not commissioning.

How can we identify the honest leader who will take us to the Promised Land? Surely, we can find sincere and upright politicians in the lower echelons of government service. There are also non-politicians who do not have the means or people to prepare them for the 2015 elections, especially when it comes to campaign funding.

We need to pray and seek for a God-fearing individual who will consider our needs and provide good education, employment, infrastructural development as well as good health for the people.

•Abdulkadir Zainab
IBB University, Lapai, Niger State