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Food Of No Salt.

By Arthur Apeh Alexandra ojima
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To hell with thee,
Season of No meaning,
Questions of No session,
Land of No boundaries.
Food of No salt.

Look At all my part, full of ebullient.
Look at my mission, full of adventure.
What? What??
Why what, what, like the road not taking??
Food of No salt!

Tell the poor all they need to know.
Tell them the way to live rather than calling them names.
Why would thou call them fools while they are full of ebullient?
Tell them what give them the misery seat.
Food of No salt.

Oh! Remind Africans of her daily voice,
Tell her all she need to know.
Tell her even as she shout like a bat.
Tell her of many trillion years rule by her dubious sons without fruit.
Food of No Salt.

Oh food of No Salt! How sweet art thou?
Salute to thy sweet bitter pungent.
Salute to thy demolition of hope and joy.
Tell me! How can I bear fruit in this desert?
Food of No salt.