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Politics and the State (19)

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Events in the last two weeks have really tested the strength, capacity and capability of politicians and policy makers across the globe. In Tunisia it was a sad episode when the major opposition Chokri Belaid was assassinated in Tunis. It sparked widespread protests in the Country and the Prime Minister Hamed Jebali opted to form a new and inclusive government.

The question is why did the Islamist party led government wait till this unfortunate event, to take a proactive step on the political dynamics of the post-revolutionary society?.Some analysts are scared that the situation may be worse than the days of President Ben Ali if the present administrations fails to match words with actions.

Egypt was the second sign of the revolutionary struggle or what we term the 'Arab Spring', but what has the land of the beautiful Nile turned to under the intelligent Mohammed Morsi? It is unbelievable that what should be termed 'Democracy' is slowly deviating to another form of rule, which the citizens are protesting and resisting.

The fact that the Muslim brotherhood are building momentum dominating the political scene in Nations like Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco is not an issue, the challenge is Does their ideal integrate a broad based democracy?

These are questions that President Mohammed Morsi and Prime Minister Hamed Jebali of Egypt and Tunisia respectively should answer , because the tides in the North African states are seemingly tempestuous, and need some bold step of integrity and transparency to approach.

In the United States of America the White House/Capitol hill battle continues, on the 12th of February President Obama in his State of the Union address, utilized his oratory prowess to give a trajectory to the direction and pathway he wants to lead the American economy .

It is good that despite the high-handedness of the Capitalist economic system, we still have leaders in the globe that consider and identify with the challenges and struggles of the middle class citizens.

The Sagacious Lawyer President raised three fundamental questions, which should also form the nucleus of the consciousness and thoughts of other Leaders in the globe. He asked How do we get back Jobs to our Shores? How do we Equip people with the Skills needed to get these Jobs? and How do ensure that Hard work leads to a decent living.

These are deep questions that if strategically approached and given priority in the business of governance can revolutionize the operations of the State, and when the business class see eye to eye with the Government a progressive political economic transformation will occur.

But it is not an easy step for the Democratic Government of President Obama as his new political economic direction according to the die hard republican led House of Representatives is 'A unitary, go alone' mode which according to them is undemocratic.

The President's decision to solely increase the wages of workers to $9 per hour a welcome development to struggling workers, has been viewed by some analysts and policy makers as a 'flash in the pan', if consideration is not given to other economic factors .

Huffington Post quoted the spokesman for Mr George Miller the Representative for the Congress Mr Aaron Albright as saying that “It is crucial that these two proposals are paired," he said. "It takes the politics out of keeping the minimum wage up with the cost of living, as long as you begin at a fair minimum floor. It gives certainty to working families and businesses."

What are the two proposals the pay raise of the workers and the proper indexing and stabilization of the markets and the cost of living. Raising the pay without dealing with the indices and factors that increases economic burdens will be counter productive.

It is hoped that the Obama Admministration and the Congress will work together, this time not trading blames but finding a pathway and solution to the enormous challenges of the World's greatest economy.

In Nigeria the acclaim of the newly merged political party the 'APC' (All Progressive Congress) a convergence of the Action Congress of Nigeria, Congress for Progressive Change, All Nigerian People's Party and All Peoples Grand Alliance is still in the air.

There are lots of questions by political pundits, analysts and commentators as to the capacity and plenipotentiary to give the ruling People's Democratic Party(PDP) a run for their money.

Two issues will be critical for the 'APC' as it begins its journey to battle the PDP for more political clout and influence in the Nation. First will be the Ideology and Philosophy of the party, this will be of great interest to Nigerians, not the merger.

Second will be the integrity, maturity and comportment of the Leaders and members of the party, if the party fails to project those who are selfless, dedicated and committed to our National development, they may as well be regarded as another bundle of confusion.

Ottoabasi Abasiekong
Writes from Lagos
[email protected]

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