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“No man is good enough to govern another, without that other's consent.” Abraham Lincoln:

I just wonder whether Nigerian politicians have any bit of conscience or shame left in them. I would rather direct the above political quote by former US president, Abraham Lincoln to the Obasanjos, Umaru Yar'Aduas, the Sarakis, Ogbulafors, Orji Uzor Kalus, Iboris, Gbenga Daniels and the vast of the locusts that still thrive in that disgusting political party called the PDP (or People Deceiving people) of Nigeria!

Nigeria has had two previous wars of freedom: The one leading to independence in 1960; the second was the fight to reclaim democracy and Nigerian people's sovereignty from the jackboot of military dictatorship of the worst forms as represented by the evil and cantankerous regimes of the duo of Generals Ibrahim Babangida and Sani Abacha. Both wars were won, but unfortunately the victory and the spoils of the last war purportedly won in 1999, was hijacked by a band of civilian gangsters who were active military apologists at the expense of the people, including NADECO, NALICON, and such other pro-democracy movements that forced the military to retreat to their barracks and leave governance to civilians. These band of gangsters represented by the likes of General Obasanjo, Ojo Madueke, Saraki, Ibori, Orji Kalu, Igbinedion, Markafi and many more converged in the most dangerous political party ever had in Africa, called PDP, and they have since 1999 wrought serious havoc across the length and breath of Nigeria.

They have consolidated themselves in power and in three national elections they have succeeded in imposing themselves and their surrogates in every position of power from the presidency to the local government chairman and councilors in successive elections with later ones been far worst than prior ones, in charade after charade of election fraud and manipulation. The Nigerian people have been rendered helpless and hopeless in their bid to choose leaders of their choice in a so-called Nigerian democracy. In 2007 the Obasanjo's PDP used Prof Maurice Iwu's INEC (Electoral commission) to impose Yar'Adua as president as well as impose another 28 PDP governors on unwilling Nigerians. Those who resisted were either hounded by state security services or killed and maimed by PDP thugs armed by PDP warlords who have stolen more than enough cash from government treasury to buy entire state machinery of violence.

And so there must inevitably be the third war of redemption and freedom from the locust called the PDP. It is clear now that the PDP hates credible election and their boast of ruling Nigeria non-stop for sixty years (if in doubt ask Field Marshall Vincent Ogbulafor, the PDP national chairman) would only come to pass through rigging and manipulation of elections results in their favour against the wish of the Nigerian people. Why would the PDP kingpins be boasting of ruling Nigeria for 60 years un-interrupted? Is it that they are giving Nigeria and Nigerians the so-called dividends of democracy, economic development, infrastructural upgrade, decent education and health service or providing safety and security for Nigerians? No they are not! All they have succeeded in doing in the 9 or 10 years since they took over Nigeria is mind-boggling kleptomania, gluttonous greed and stealing of various state treasuries with impunity and nothing happens as EFCC and other state security services turn a blind eye to the atrocities and wastages going on across Nigeria . At the same time the people's poverty and misery have compounded.

Events of the last two weeks in the so-called Ekiti gubernatorial election re-run has proved beyond any shadow of doubt that the Leopard will never change its spot! Despite the resolve of the Ekiti people to throw away the PDP plague in their state, Iwu's INEC and Yar'Adua's PDP still violently and most flagrantly imposed PDP's Oni on the Ekitis against protestation of the people. PDP does not know any other language than criminality and fraudulent election. No one should be deceived by the president Yar'Adua's Electoral Reform. First the man is neither serious nor committed to any electoral reform. What you don't have you cannot give! If the president has any conscience or iota of sincerity in him and wants credible election, he would have long shoved that demon called Iwu out of INEC since the show of shame he brought to Nigeria in the “s-Election” of April, 2007 which both local and international observers rated the worst ever election in the history of electoral processes, even by third world standard.

Why should a man sitting and enjoying a stolen mandate, crowded and directed by fellow crooks and election riggers worry about reforming the electoral system so that Nigerians would have credible elections? I have never for one second believed Yar'Adua is sincere or free of corruption. Many people I have had discussions with tell me the man looks godly and sincere, only that he is surrounded and directed by crooks in his party. Bunkum; absolute hogwash! “Birds of a feather congregate together.”

When Obasanjo failed to manipulate the National Assembly to change the constitution to support his third-term bid, he personally ensured that any one opposed to his clandestine move to impose himself for a third time on Nigerians was punished – and was never awarded any electoral victory to the sharing of the Nigerian booty- even within his mafia PDP party. And so no member of the PDP with some decency in them was allowed to return to the National Assembly- if in doubt ask people like Senator Ken Nnamani, the former senate president who stood firm on the people's side against Obasanjo's scheming! Only the yes-sayers and criminal supporters of the third-term bid were imposed on Nigerians and these people have a free hand to have a “buffet” on the Nigerian treasury- “Steal as you like” whilst Obasanjo's lapdogs EFCC and ICPC turn a blind eye. Tell me any big thief that has been successfully prosecuted by the Yar 'Adua administration after two years of his lackluster leadership. And this is the same Obasanjo that I saw on BBC Television in South Africa as Election observer. Whoever sent this anti-democratic monster to go monitor a credible election in South Africa must need their head(s) examined. What did the dictator observe? And did he learn any lesson on how to conduct peaceful, free and fair elections from his trip to show Nigerians?

I am happy the Ekitis have confronted the monsters of electoral fraud in the recent re-run election and even though the PDP and INEC still went on with this electoral heist on the Ekitis, I see the resistance as a foretaste of the war to come- The third war of freedom for which Nigerians must brace themselves for in the 2011 elections which is less than two years away from now. The band of fraudsters in that party- PDP- have started scheming, wheeling and dealing sometimes in the darkest moments and places in preparation to hoist themselves on Nigerians again in 2011 general elections. But Nigerians must be alert and also start early preparation to forestall these evil beings parading themselves as “representatives” or “elected” members of the legislative and executive positions across Nigeria . They boast of been the largest political party in Africa , but are very afraid of free and fair elections. If that they are so many why can't they test their popularity in free and fair elections? Instead they recruit paid thugs in each election, worst at local government levels, to snatch ballot boxes and stuff them with stolen ballot papers in the homes of local PDP warlords. What a tragedy!

No where is freedom got on a platter of gold. These bands of vultures parading themselves on the seat of powers across Nigeria are enjoying the gravy train of “ruling” Nigerians- free breakfast, lunch and dinner and a bit more for the foreign accounts” and they will never let go without a hard fight! You could see their desperation in Ekiti. You could also see how frightened, like a rabbit from the whole they looked when the youths and women of Ekiti confronted them despite having all the thugs and state machinery of violence- police, SSS and soldiers- at their service. It shows that Nigerians can win this war if it is fought massively with commitment and without let up. It was John F Kennedy who said: “Those who make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable.” The PDP have proven time and again that they don't want peaceful and credible elections in Nigeria , but prefer vote stealing and robbery of electoral mandates. Not even armed robbers who kill and maim to take your properties are as guilty as the PDP who are so reckless and carefree in the robbery of the voice of Nigerians. How can you be so callous as in stealing someone's vote and choice repeatedly and your conscience doesn't tell you to stop and rethink? Are these PDP people human beings or animals? And then you wonder why they give us poverty, disease and poor infrastructure? What you sow is what you reap, so says the bible and it is very logical that when you sow the wind, you must be prepared to reap the whirlwind.

Nigerians, whether north, south, east or west should be prepared to give Yar'Adua and his band of vultures in the PDP the whirlwind in 2007. That is going to be the third war of freedom from the clutches of darkness and ruin now condemning Nigeria and Nigerians!

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