James Ibori a Felon, Dele Olojede of Low Morals

Source: huhuonline.com

Not sure if the seven point agenda were his personal agenda or those of Umaru Yar`dua, but Dele Olojede is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, who wrote President Musa Yar`adua yet to be fulfilled seven point agenda inaugural speech. While James Ibori though an ex-governor, was muzzled into the forth estate of the realm as the “lookout guy” by the Abacha Junta.

Prior, Ibori made a carrier in crime and actually has a wrap sheet as long as my arm. Nevertheless, it appears that at some point both men crossed path, when Dele in dire need of startup funds allegedly approached a notorious Ibori proxy for assistance. One would have expected Mr. Olojede to recognize that when you dine with the devil, it is vital you do it with a long spoon.

Dele Olodeje in performing his civic duty of informing the public via 234next, steered the bee nest, and stung James Ibori with his story captioned "Ibori's Brain and the Great Bank Swindle." To the reading public this was an attention-grabbing piece, James Ibori it appeared was not amused thus returned the favor done him, and divulged that Olojede had approached him to help facilitate a loan. Make no mistake about this, when you deal with an enforcer as high up as Henry Imasheken, by implication you are directly dealing with James Ibori, a renowned felon.

Now Olojede says Ibori is out get him, but brother, just like James Ibori you also have bank debts, “he who calls for equity must come with clean hands”, and “he who lives in the a glass house must not throw stones”.

David Okon
Garki Abuja

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