042 Lifestyle Session With Dj Xtacee

By DJ Gunz Egbe

Do you know Enugu, often referred to as 042 (derived from its dialling code) is a cosmopolitan city with a teeming population of active, creative young persons who thirst for entertainment and are eager to share their thoughts and experiences. This is evident in the millions of persons active on social media, constantly sharing their lives with their online community.

While the world has become a global village where lines that separate culture, language and lifestyle have been blurred, there is a need to look inwards at our immediate environment for the kind of connection and interaction we seek with the global community.

Only then can we attain the level of development we desire. We cannot remain isolated from our immediate surroundings while we constantly connect with everyone else. That's why 042 Lifestyle is here to help connect the beautiful people of Enugu with their city and with each other.

Join our Sessions and watch exclusive interviews from Brand managers, Celebrities, Students and Civilians, everybody is covered. you can also share your own active "Lifestyle" with us on social media by using the #042Lifestyle harshtag.

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