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Do you need some weight loss advice?

Tiggy max
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Are you trying to lose some weight fast and don't want to do a fad diet like the "cabbage soup diet" or the crazy "baby food diet”?

Well! The sad thing is you are not going to get rid of that weight quickly without working at it. Furthermore, you won't lose weight quickly without exercise. It's not rocket science just common sense your going to need to get active particularly if you want to keep the weight off.

Now! Staying within the theme of being sensible about dieting, It would be a good idea that before you start your exercise and diet plan, a trip to your doctor should be the first thing on your list. The likelihood is you didn't get overweight in just a few days. It happened slowly over several month or years. So the chances are you probably out of condition.

Now! When you see your doctor they will be able check that you health is good enough to exercise and take on a restricted diet. But don't worry I have never met a doctor yet who has objected to anyone going on a diet - except when the patient is themselves. But it is always best to get a medical stamp of approval. Don't you think?

So! Apart from looking good what's so cool about getting rid of some excess fat? Well! If you do it with common sense (which I know you will) losing weight can dramatically increase your overall health.

Did you know that scientific and other medical studies have proven that obesity is directly linked to people developing catastrophic diseases? These illnesses often lead to the onset of permanent disability or worse premature death.

In turn these same studies have also shown that losing those extra pounds you can actually add years to your life. Not only can you increase your natural life span; but you will also improve the quality of life.

Naturally the most common sense thing to do along with an exercise routine is to eat a well balanced health diet. Take notice of the "Well balanced healthy diet". This means you need to pay attention to getting all the proper vitamins and nutrition your body needs to stay fit and healthy which can be a problem with diets for quick weight loss. The best way to do ensure you are getting all the right nutrients is to eat plenty of vegetables and fresh fruit and just to stay on the safe side you could add a multi-vitamin supplement

Remember! Apart from exercise( to help speed up metabolism) and a good healthy diet there is one more thing that will help you on the way to a new slimmer you...Patience!