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How to Travel on a Budget

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Last summer I enjoyed my vacation in Ghana. It took meticulous planning and discipline to pull it off as I was on a tight budget.

With its exquisite beaches, famous landmarks and enchanting beauty, Ghana is the traveler's dream. Like many people dream of visiting Africa and put it off for year because we fear the expenses. While not the regular adventure traveler I was able make my vacation a reality at an affordable cost.

I put together some tips to help you find cheap accommodations and save money on transportation, food and accommodation like I did on my visit to Ghana

Set your daily spending limit
When going on vacation, it is always advisable to set a spending limit and stick to it. This might mean being camping, cooking your own meals and staying in cheap hotels. Going by my assessments of most holiday packages I couldn't get a hotel for less than 150 Cedis (about $50) per night in the capital Accra. I found out that by eating out at local restaurants and doing most of my shopping in the popular Makola Market in the city center of Accra. I was able to able to stick to my maximum budget of $150 daily.

Book in advance
Before booking your accommodation, make sure that is all you are paying for. Some hotel booking websites allow you specify rooms without breakfast, mini-bars, WIFI and other features that make hotels expensive.

When making your flight reservation you might want to avoid taking off or arriving during peak periods of Fridays and Saturdays. Also do some research on your points of Interest and how much it will cost you.

Staying with Locals
Just when I thought I was making some savings on hotels, I discovered AirBnb in Ghana was way cheaper. These apartments had facilities for cooking basic grocery and cost came very cheap. The hostel accommodations in Accra offered a good bed, a common room and had a small restaurant that catered to our feeding.