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Cardiac Surgery in India Providing Relief to Abroad Patients

Atul Sharma

Cardiac surgery in India has provided relief to many patients who were victims of fatal heart diseases. Most patients from abroad have faith in cardiac surgery preparations in India. Medical tourism in India is an outlined part of the services that combines business and medical services it combines fun, relaxation and leisure with treatment and medical aid. Right now, India has assumed the form of a popular medical hub, currently medical tourists from numerous western countries are traveling to India for healing their soul and body. In India, any patient coming for health and healing shall experience a soothing effect with spas and ayurveda. Health tourism is the most prominent attraction of medical business in India that offers eternal comfort to patients coming from abroad destinations.

Every day, hundreds of patients all around the world get cardiac surgery or heart surgery. Cardiac surgery is done to eliminate heart ailments in kids and adults. When catheter-based treatments and powerful medications do not relieve you from the symptoms of heart disease then cardiac surgery might prove to be the only alternative for treatment of many kinds of heart conditions, including atrial septal defect (ASD), mitral valve prolapse (MVP) and coronary artery disease. Facing any kind of traditional heart treatment or on open heart treatment to cure cardiac disorders taking place inside the cavity of the chest can be a very terrible experience. Before undertaking the surgery you have to take many decisions including the selection of your hospital, cardiac specialist and which procedure you and your doctor are about to choose.

Numerous patients have undertaken successful and affordable price medical treatment through the medical assistance of Indian Healthguru Consultant. During the year 2007 nearly 500 to 650 patients came to India from USA itself and during the current year 2015 nearly half million patients have come to India for medical treatment. It has been assumed that the healthcare industry of India has reached $100 billion by the end of year 2014. This statistics has displayed the speedy growth of medical tourism sector that is very popular in all major countries of the world. Medical tourism has grown in its demand in foreign countries because here 32% patients are seeking advanced surgical technology at an affordable cost.

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