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Orthopedics and Joint Replacement Surgery with the Best Treatment Facilities

Rayen Neel
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Orthopedics and Joint Replacement Surgery is that branch of science that aims at curing the injuries of joints located at the shoulders, hip and knees. Joints are the union of two or more than two bony ends for free movements in our body. After a certain age the joint structure is worn out and degenerative changes takes place that causes severe pain and restriction of movement. Joint replacement surgery in India can help the people suffering from total wear and tear of the joint.

Indian orthopedic treatment centers at Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai in India can serve as reliable destinations for getting cost effective joint replacement surgery in India. Joint replacement surgery makes the person free from pain and allows easy mobility of the joint. Joint replacement disorders in India is a challenge to the orthopedic surgeons urging them to provide risk free and infection less surgery with latest advancement of the medical technology. Joints of the knee, hip and shoulders are commonly worn out and need replacement.

The joint is the fusion of a distal part of the one bone and proximal part of another bone; sometimes-complex joint like knee may have fusion of another bone to form the joint. The joint is lined by the hyaline cartilage and capsule that be compressed and distracted during movements which go for daily wear and tear. The bones in the joint may undergo degenerative changes once when the capsule rupture or go for inflammation. The synovial fluid is the joint lubricating material that can be reduced during the wear and tear. Joint can be damaged by arthritis, injuries, or inflammation that can cause pain, stiffness and swelling. Joint replacement can help the person to move around and feel better.

The joint is replaced with plastic or metal or both materials and cemented for the easy gliding movements. The cement holds the new joint to the bone especially for the old age people. The joint replacement surgery is often the answer for the constant pain in the joint during movements and the daily activities like walking, climbing, taking bath etc. The successful outcome of the surgery lasts more than 10 to 15 years. The patient may discharge from the orthopedic surgery hospital in 3- 5 days, but rest is necessary for 2 –4 weeks for complete recovery. The fearless free movements provided through joint replacement surgery helps to lead the rest of the life happily, pain free, restriction free and with easy movements of the joints.

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