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Diabetes mellitus is commonly known as diabetes. In Layman's language it is popularly known as sugar. This is a condition when glucose level in body increases than normal sugar content in blood. Medical research for diabetes has proven that there is no relation of disorder with age of person. This fatal disease can affect men, women, children, adults and elderly people at any phase of life. To prevent and cure this disease many treatment methods are known.

Having proper knowledge of disorder help you and your loved ones to acquire early detection and accurate treatment, helping to get back normal health. Symptoms of diabetes are

• frequent urination or polyuria
• too much thirst or polydipsia
• increased hunger or polyphagia
• Weight loss
• Tiredness
• Lack of interest and concentration.
• A tingling sensation or numbness in the hands or feet.

• Blurred vision
Diabetes is also referred to as “silent killer”. This is because many times people are completely unaware of disorder they are suffering from and neglect these above mentioned small symptoms which further lead to other medical complications. Diabetes if not taken proper care and treatment measures this lead to high risk disorder like cardiovascular diseases, kidney problem, severe injuries which take time to heal, and life time deformities and disabilities.

There are three types of diabetes, categorized as
 Type-1 diabetes (insulin-dependent diabetes)
 type 2 diabetes
 Gestational diabetes
These are categorized to help doctors to define situation accurately and assist in diagnosing the disorder. The accurate reason behind disorder is not known but when the hormone insulin is interrupted in production, from pancreas the glucose level in blood causes diabetes. Find some reasons below to educate, taking your body hints seriously to detect any kind of complication. Genetic susceptibility, obesity and physical inactivity, insulin resistance, endocrine system disorders are particularly known reasons. Currently medical science has developed many techniques to detect the disease at early stage and treatment for the same. Health care in India have options to treat and prevent condition from being worse. Type 1 diabetes is treated with insulin, exercise, and diabetic diet. Type 2 diabetes is treated with weight reduction, diabetic diet, drugs to control insulin and exercise.

The surge in medical tourists visiting India is good healthcare facilities in India. Diabetes Treatment in India will greatly help in regaining health at in perfect mode once again. Managing diabetes is not so easy but it is regulated by strict regime. To avail best treatment in India, medical tourism company will assist in accomplishing diabetes treatment in India's top class diabetic centers and diabetologist. Forerunnershealthcare consultants are trustworthy medical tourism service provider, ensuring a comfortable and affordable journey for diabetic patient taking care from start-to-end, giving satisfaction in treatment procedure.

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