Why I Don’t Feature In English Movies—Laide Bakare

Nollywood actress, Laide Bakari is not a new name in the make-belief industry as the actress has become a household name in the Yoruba genre of the industry with a large fan base.

The actress recently talking about her non appearance in English movies stated that she has not been called up by any of the English producers which is why she continues to stick with the Yoruba genre.

She explained she has been more successful in the Yoruba movie industry because the producers like her more in that sector even though she has featured in some English soap operas.

“I feature in English soap operas and I have even produced one of my own. The reason I feature more in Yoruba movies is because the producers tend to like me more. However, if people from other genres of Nollywood call me, I won’t hesitate to answer their call,” she explained to Newswatch.

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